Miele g575 Dishwasher not draining

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So.. about a month ago, I noticed my sink was draining slower than usual. I used some Oneshot style stuff which worked.. for about 3 weeks.. and then the same again, water building up in the sink. Not as bad as before, but anyway.. also, water stopped going into the dishwasher at this point. I did a test where I emptied a couple of buckets into the dishwasher and turned it on, which proved that it could send a bit of water back up into the sink, as normal, in that direction.. after a short while the dishwasher ran out of water and couldn't take in any more. I didn't want to use more of the Oneshot stuff for the sink, worried it may damage the pipes.. About six or seven years ago I had someone come and do drain jetting, which cleared everything well until now. I thought I should sort that out first and see if by chance it would solve the dishwasher problem in case these issues are somehow related, though doubted the connection. Miraculously after having the drain jetting done last week, the dishwasher worked again, though the propeller at the top had come off during the cycle (not something that's happened before). It worked a second time and the propeller came off again. I noticed that I hadn't secured it on tightly enough. Since putting it in again and making sure it is secure, the machine again has not been taking any water in. I have tried removing the propeller altogether to see if it would run then, but no change. Not really knowing how these machines work/the components etc.. I can't tell what the problem is. Something to do with the pump perhaps? Any suggestions welcome!



Water not getting into a dishwasher would not likely be related to a song not draining. Water not getting out of the dishwasher down the drain most long would be.

Cold only inlet? Dishwashers nowadays save water but all take in crease water during a cycle. There is a small filter in the hose connection which may be blocked. Or the automatic inlet valve is sticking shut or has failed. Or the timer isn't sending the signal to the inlet valve to open.

Make and model may help the experts on here :)

I'm an enthusiastic amateur!! :)


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Yeah, as the above poster says, your post is a bit confusing.
You're saying that it's not draining in the title, but then go on to describe how it's not filling with water?
The sink blockage wouldn't ever affect whether the machine fills or not, though it may affect the how well it drains. The same goes for the 'propeller' you mention. I'm assuming you mean the upper spray arm. The machine has no way of knowing whether this is connected or not, so once again it couldn't affect the filling mechanism.
Most obvious first... have you made sure the water inlet tap to the machine is switched on? I see this at least once a week, and people swear they've not touched it but it's amazing how often it happens. :)
If the tap is on, is the inlet hose kinked? Do you hear a faint buzzing/humming noise whilst it's trying to fill?

Check those first and get back to me and we can look into in more detail.

Schizotypal Boy

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So, the issue was that there is a leak internally causing the necessary replacement of the recirculation motor and water intake tank kit. Given how much these parts cost I opted for replacing the dishwasher considering it is from the previous millennium. Never had a problem with it until now. I bet they don't make them like this anymore!

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