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I would like some recommendations to improve my sound setup, possibly a centre speakerand a woofer.

I currently have the following equipment: -

2 x JBL L80t3Front left and Right (surround)
2 x JBL LX22Rear Left and Right (Surround)
Pioneer VSX919ah Amp/Receiver

The sound produced could best be described as the bass being almost perfect, punchy and clear (once the ports on the L80t3's has been extended a bit), the top end iscrystal clear and precise; the mid range is a disaster (sounds very tinny).

Every time Irun the amps setup procedure it tells me that one of the L80t3 speakers phase is incorrect, I swap the lead, then the other side is incorrect so I swap the leads on this…. and so on and on forever.

The speakers themselves have all been tested and are o.k. 40 KHz to 20 KHz so whydoes the mid range sound so bad?

The JBL L80t3's with a NAD and (in stereo) were awesome so I'm beginning to wonder ifit's the Pioneer amp.

Any ideas would be welcome.

By the way I'm aware that JBL speakers (L80t3) are internal wired in the opposite phase direction to the norm, by design.
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Just a stupid question. You don't appear to have a centre speaker (which is fine - nor do I), but did you remember to tell the Pioneer VSX919ah that you don't have any?


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Thanks for the quick reply.

No I didn't tell the Pioneer that I had no centre speakerbecause the graphics on the TV indicated that it had correctly identified thespeakers (two front and two rear)

I've no subwoofer either yet all the bass seems to be o.k.and I cant find anywhere in the Pioneer's menu to set this mind you the manualleaves a lot to be desired so I'll have another look.
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Well I’ve partiallyfixed the issue.

The causewas in the “auto-setup” of the standing wave function in the amplifier whichfor some strange reason filtered out a big chunk of the mid range (and bass).

In additionanother “feature” called LFE rolled off the lowest frequencies by -20db…correcting this improved things no end. I had to reposition the front speakersand re-tune the ports, still a bit a boom at the lowest frequencies so it lookslike I’ll have to partially fill the stands with some sand.

Overall a50% improvement.

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