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OK guys, I have asked a few questions now, and the general opinion is that I should go and see a decent showroom to see the difference between the panny or the hitachi. I live in Derbyshire, which means its a bloody long way to the likes of www.nexnix.com (who seem to have good prices)

Can anyone suggest a great dealer in the Midlands that has a decent showroom, and if they can offer price and service to match av-sales or nexnix then I would gladly buy from them as well.




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Not really comparable to the 2 you mention, but you might get some help locally from Richer Sounds in Nottingham.
Telephone them first though to ask exactly what they have on demo with good connections.


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You could try Mays in Churchgate Leicester, they have a reasonable number of screens on display, I just bought the 37" version of the Panasonic Plasma, they delivered it and set it up along with a quick run down on the operation. Nice people and competitive prices too.
I just love my plasma its amazing ...............:laugh: :lesson: :clap:


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Good luck with the Midlands search.

I went to AV-SALES - Tunbridge wells, it's not near, but when you are spending this much it's worth a day out (or 3 !).

Very helpful people.



Castle Sound and Vision on Maid Marian Way in Notts used to stock Panasonic Plasma's, but i moved away from the area so am not sure now... very good showroom too!

Not sure what they have now, may be worth popping in and seeing.


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tried castle sound and vision on tuesdc and the sales guy told me that they no longer stock panasonic as "they are not high def ready"

i too would like to see a 7 series screen within reasonable travelling distance of nottingham
there is a place on nottingham road stapleford ng9 that i dropped by but they only get panasonics in 'to order'.


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Apparantly Selfridges in Birmingham has Panny 7-series on display so I hear and Richar Sounds in Nottingham have 37" PW7 and 42" PW6 on display so that'll cover both ranges and both sizes.

ENL Sound & Vision on Alfreton Road used to have Panny stuff on display, but they've closed down recently which was a real bummer....ah well!!


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i'm off on holiday soon so I will have to wait till I get back to start looking again. I have to say that thinking about a plasma has probably been the hardest thing I have ever done, i'm not the most decisive of people at the best of times but this is madness......


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I live in Derbyshire too and it was a right pain to see a plasma set up properly.
In the end I took a DVD to Richer sounds and they demo'ed it for me(they have a TH42PW6 and TH37PW7 set up as well as a Tosh and a Pioneer and the Hitachi 42500)
Also ENL had a PW6 and Vierra set up, but they were goign bust so might have shut now.

Finally John Lewis and Alders both had a vierra set up, the vierra is basically the same display screen as the PW6/7 so it will give you an idea of the picture quality.

Currys and Comet were both rubbish, a viewing at Currys made me thin the samsung was the best plasma out there until I compared it to a 'proper' set up at Richer sounds.Even RS jsut take them out the box and plug them in at manufacturers settings, which is what the manufacturese want of course, but not necessarily the best way to compare.

In the end I went with a PW6 which is great for everything but a tivo.Even Sky digital looks good through it.


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I get a pretty decent picture on my PWD6 from my TiVo via a JS Tech RGB to VGA converter. It's not as good as DVD but perfectly watchable. However, I have upgraded my TiVo to use Mode 0 and higher bitrate which helps. There's very little difference between the Telewest cable picture on TiVo and using AUX bypass.


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dapex--i live in derbyshire as well. I've just purchased a pioneer xde from superfli in nottingham (they have a shop in derby as well). They have a good demo room as do castle audio in nottingham
i spent ages deciding which one to go for. It was the hd compatibility that swung it for me. I'd definitely recommend a viewing first before you make a decision to ensure you are happy with the pq etc on standard def
good luck in finding the right screen for you

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