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Mid Range Shortlist?


Standard Member
Hi all,

I am currently drawing up a shortlist of components for upgrading to a mid- range system, prior to some serious auditioning, and have compiled the following:-


Cyrus CD6s
Roksan Kandy MkIII
Cambridge Audio Azur 840c
Quad 99


Cyrus 6Vs
Roksan Kandy L3
NAD c372
Quad 909


Monitor Audio BR5
Monitor Audio RS6
Wharfedale Evo2 20
Q Acoustics 1050

Any advice on compatibility of components or suggested additions would be most welcome. My budget is around the £2k mark.




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I would add a few other to your list,such as the Rega Apollo,Creek Evo & Exposure 2010S CD players,for Amplifiers again look at Rega,the Creek EVO,Exposure,Naim,or the Sonneteer Campion.

For speakers I would look also at the Epos M12.2,Neat Motive 3,Revolver RW33,Spendors,AVI,etc.:smashin:


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add the MF A3.5! aye it costs a grand, but you'll probably get a little off it if you ask nicely and its some serious bit of amp ;)

MF A3.5, Arcam CD73 and MA RS1, 5 or 6 speakers......that lot should be able to be had for under £2k if you do it right......and its one hell of a sync'd system ;)

the best part? in future you can get the CD player upgraded by Arcam to the 192 model spec for no more than what it would have cost initially anyhow, and the amp can take much more expensive speakers, so you could eventually move up to a pair of MA GSxx's or B&W 70x's etc....

worth a thunk ;)

also consider Primares I21 amp and matching price CD player, with perhaps a pair of RS5's if you can squeeze it in the price...

most of what you mention is good, however most kit is useful to certain people, Roksan suit people who listen to rock music more, Arcam to classical lovers etc etc.....the kit can play most music usually, but not many of them excel in most areas at the price point...


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Thanks for your responses.

I hadn't considered the Primares because I thought they were out of my price range but the CD21 & I21 combo with their solid build, dare-I-say-it, looks, and the advantage of same manufacturer integration makes them extremely appealing. I think I will make them my priority listen.

What speakers would suit this set up? Are the Monitor Audios RS6s up to the job or would something like the Quads be more suitable. I realise it'll be down to personal choice at the end of the day but a suggestion would be appreciated - there aren't that many hifi shops in N Ireland so I'm kind of restricted with the range of products I can actually go out and listen to.


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