Mid band - any good for gaming


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A friend of mine lives out in the wilds and is unable to get broadband but can get BT Midband. Is this any good for on-line gaming?



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This is basically a rebranding of ISDN and yes it is a lot better for gaming than 56K dial up....

You should get pings of around 70-100, but the advantage is that this is a digital connection and is a lot stabler than 56K dial up (which is analogue).

If I couldn't get broadband then I would get ISDN, it is a significant improvement over 56K and is nearly just as good for playing online games. Just don't expect to host games :)


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Cheers Sinzer

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Till i got Broadband last year i used to play DOD and Team Fortress on my 56k dial up and thought that was ok. Must of played a good year or so before broadband with pings of 350-400 and that was still playable but put you at a big disadvantage with the low pingers but improved my skill i feel :)
As Sinzer says you should be able to achieve pings of under 150 but even 200 on a connection i would be happy with that.



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Yeah midband/isdn ok for for online play, played CounterStrike and DoD using this connection for about 2 years and plays fine, only problem is when there are patches for the game that are 50-60meg which take a age to donwload. You can also use ISDN for Xbox live as well if you want, works well for most games Project Gotham, R3 etc, but as said above don't host anygames, the slowdown/lag is awesome!!!!. like playing in slo-mo

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