Mid 2009 13" MBP - seems very slow


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Hey guys/girls,

My Mid-2009 Macbook Pro 13" seems very slow lately. It started acting up a few weeks ago, so I did a full wipe/reload from scratch with OSX Lion (which I have been using since launch) - and it does not seem to have resolved the issue.

I am getting quite a lot of spinny rainbow circles (technical phrase?) - as apps are loading, especially in firefox when I browse to other sites. I am using the latest official build for Firefox.

Also - when booting or shutting down the laptop - it seems to literally take 10x as long as it used to. I have done repair permissions, verify permissions, health check on the HDD and it said okay - no problems....

My full specs:

2.26ghz Core 2 Duo
8gb Crucial DDR3 Ram
320GB Western Digital hard drive

(Ram and Hdd both upgraded by me around 10 months ago with no issues at all)

Any ideas guys?:smashin:


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CPU usage is basically 0% and the highest "memory" user is Firefox @ 344mb.

This slowness issue started a few weeks ago - and I was using Safari at the time, so I don't think it is browser related - as everything just seems slow....


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When your Mac beach-balls, surely ActivityMonitor will show something excessive in terms of %CPU?


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I have just done this a few times - will give it a testing tonight and see how it goes, thanks for all the help so far guys:smashin:

Just a heads up - the slowness issue has now completely gone since i reset the SMC....all is working perfectly now.

Thanks for the help:smashin:

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