Question Microwave needed


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the microwave has died (was this model - Sharp For Life.)
out of warranty , about 1.5 years old
SHARP don't repair them out of warranty and i think a repair at the local appliance shop is going to be close to what it cost (think it was £100 or just over)

any suggestions on a good make if i need to buy a new one. have been looking at Kenwood possibly...



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Always had Panasonic cheapies
the first one lasted 11 years and even then it was a bit cosmetic where I’d allowed it to rust under the turntable. It’s replacement is about 3 years old and looks brand new.
good luck


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thanks will look at those
ordered a samsung but realised after, it's too big for the space , so it's going back
they do offer a 3 year warranty which is good though
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