Microsoft's Xbox Event, 21st of May - The Xbox One!

Stephen Carter

AVF Games Reviewer

7:16 - In unrelated Xbox One news, Square Enix have just announced that the new Thief will release on Xbox One as well as PS4

7:06 - And that's it folks! No closing speech or goodbye, just a blank screen. Thanks for joining us and we look forward to your comments and feeback and tune in to our special edition podcast!

7:06 - I think Activision have an unhealthy obsession with ghosts as there are plenty of cheesy lines here. Looks like it should be named Call of Duty: One Man and his dog

7:06 - Graphics looking pretty sublime here, but if I'm being honest they're not as good as I thought they would be

7:05 - Second screen integration, with a new video of in-game footage of Ghosts.

7:03 - A bit of arm porn here as they are the most looked at thing on your player, details include hairs, bruises and dirt underneath the finger nails

7:03 - High-resolution textures possible with scanning of real bodies

7:02 - Comparison video here showing what we can expect to see in the future against MW3

7:01 - Ghosts will have 60 FPS and low latency issues

7:01 - Multiplayer will feature dynamic maps which sees them change shape, size and layout. Characters customisable with equipment, head and features. But two of the new features which we see in the game.

7:00 - New system that allows momentim to be maintained when moving, slides possible as well as leaning round corners. Dynamic AI for enemies and creatures along with better lighting.

6:59 - A dog will feature to help and protect you throughout the game.

6:59 - More emotional attachment to characters in the game, make you see them as real people. The story will see civilisation crumbling and you are the force tasked with restoring the peace.

6:57 - Behind the scenes look at Ghosts with a video showing what Infinity Ward have been up to

6:57 - Nothing safe from Activison, they will do the right thing instead with new locations and stories on their new engine

6:56 - Eric Hirshberg here now for new CoD video

6:56 - World premiere of game content which is..... Call Of Duty with exclusive DLC and content for the new console

6:56 - Global release of Xbox One this year, E3 announcements coming in the shape of exclusive games and features

6:55 - Xbox One to be the one system to access everything you need

6:54 - Lots of 'whoops' and 'yeahs' but us UK users could be left out with this as it clearly aims at the US marketplace

6:53 - All looking like good stuff but, the big question is, do we want this or just more games?

6:52 - Xbox One will boast exclusive content to work with Kinect and SmartGlass for NFL. Fantasy leagues integrated with live TV to keep you up to date

6:51 - Live sport the focus now, with a game changing partnership with the NFL

6:51 - Passionate stuff from the movie master

6:49 - Halo TV series being announced in partnership with Steven Spielberg! Will be 'premium' whatever that means though

6:49 - 343 evolving story telling

6:48 - Bonnie Ross here from 343 Studios

6:47 - Xbox One will revolutionise TV

6:47 - The TV experience on te Xbox One will be more immersive, with TV personalised to you

6:46 - Innovation seems to be her main point

6:46 - Head of Xbox Studios Nancy Tellem here now

6:45 - Money being invested in studios around the world, with more games in development for Xbox One than ever. 15 exclusives coming in the first year with 8 being brand new.

6:44 - Looks like a game based on a girl with psychological powers. Graphics of which looks pretty good.

6:43 - Choices and actions affect the game, which is called Quantum Break. Video showing off the game currently.

6:43 - Remedy game coming here

6:42 - Cloud power will allow sharing of content and experiences to bring the community together

6:42 - Forza 5 available at launch, with more info at E3

6:41 - Interesting to hear commentary on the video, possible new feature?

6:40 - Forza 5 on Xbox One video now. It looks absolutely fantastic as all previous Forza games have!

6:38 - Phil Spencer here now from Microsoft Studios. Forza announcement imminent

6:38 - Interesting to see EA will work exclusively with Xbox One, PS4 just lost some buyers there!

6:38 - Video showing how the games will look on Xbox One and they look pretty damn detailed.

6:37 - FIFA 14 Ultimate Team will be announced soon, only on Xbox one though! Announcements coming at E3 clearly.

6:36 - True Player Motion will power living worlds which will be dynamic and have new content daily

6:36 - Human intelligence powering the new games to reflect true sport situation.

6:35 - Got to say, these new features are looking pretty good. The detail on offer looks like it will be unrivaled, thus far anyway.

6:34 - Messi describing the new player motion mechanic which will be more realstic

6:33 - Experience will be intelligent, changing and personal to you. It won't be the same for everyone.

6:33 - EA Ignite is the new engine powering future EA titles, blurring the line between reality and virtual

6:33 New partnership between EA and Microsoft with four new franchises coming; FIFA, Madden, UFC and NBA

6:31 - Andrew Wilson from EA coming to the stage, FIFA here we come!

6:31 - Personalised matchmaking experience to find the right server for you, bigger online modes also seem to be implemented.

6:30 - In-built PVR to capture and edit video with achievements dynamic and changing

6:30 - Content stored in the cloud for instant access

6:29 - New Xbox Live, based on old membership scheme powered by 300,000 servers

6:28 - Kinect recognises you and the controller, opening your last game save instantly, totally lag-free

6:28 - SmartGlass is going to feature heavily with the Xbox One

6:27 - New triggers for the pad, new d-pad and new ergonomics. Designed by gamers, for gamers.

6:27 - 1080p camera, more joint recognitions with rotation of limbs recognised too. Energy and motion registered.

6:26 - New Kinect sensor with each console, redesigned for better responsiveness and much faster. Rocket science level of precision apparently gone into its design.

6:25 - Easier access for developes so they can utilise the power of the machine

6:23 - 8GB of RAM, Bluray drive with silent operation

6:22 - Marc Whitten coming on stage to describe the details of the hardware

6:21 - Emphasis on the trendy area to share the experience and join in with the community.

6:20 - Xbox recognises commands such as 'Show the guide' or 'Whats on Discovery?'

6:20 - Easier method to find watch to watch with the Xbox One guide using your voice to search and navigate whilst also using the trendy section

6:18 - Xbox will offer sports via ESPN with alerts that allow you to show your fantasy team at the same time.

6:17 - Phone control hinted at here to explore extra information, whilst Skype has been announced too. Hardly surprising but it does allow group conversations at once.

6:17 - Multiple tasks can be run at the same time without closing them

6:16 - Motion control will work with the interface too, allowing precise control over apps and tasks. You can grab the screen to swap between them.

6:15 - Instant switching working with voice too, instantly swaypping between music, internet, TV, games and much more

6:15 - Live TV compatible with voice and boots up instantly

6:15 - Watching live TV looks like it's going to be a big thing too

6:14 - No waiting for updates or loading, user interface will be personalised showing recent history and the 'trendy' area showing whats popular amongst your friends.

6:13 - Console is powered by the cloud and games and will power up with the words 'Xbox on'

6:12 - Games coming at E3 it seems

6:10 - It's still black and shiny, and will offer all-in-one capabilities

6:08 - Images of a new controller, console and Kinect being shown here. Looking very slick and distinctly square.

It's official, it's called the Xbox One!

"Taking what you love and make it better"

Entertainment in one place is looking like Microsoft's future. Background on the Xbox being described as well.

Don Mattrick on stage

We're being treated to an introduction video here, from industry folks including Kojima with emphasis on relationships between us and the TV that will recognise us! The word to take from that is alive.

So this is it, the wait is almost over for the next generation of consoles to be announced with Microsoft ready to show their hand to the world today. It's been a long time coming (too long some may argue) as this current cycle has been the longest seen but, as we keep being assured, the wait will be more than worth it. Sony were the first to flash an otherwise discreet hand with a brief confirmation that indeed the PS4 would launch late this year. But now it's Microsoft's turn leaving no doubt in people's minds what the subject of their pre-E3 conference will be; the NextBox/Infinity/720 or whatever else you'd like to call it.

The conference is available to stream here and you will be able to comment here, but as events unfold I will also be keeping a live, up-to-date text blog with the announcements that head our way. So if you're like me and your home internet connection doesn't like live video streaming or you would prefer to read about the announcements instead (with my personal opinion thrown in for good measure) please join us either way. We would love to hear your thoughts on the matter and hope you will get involved with our coverage, please also be aware that a special edition podcast will be produced once the conference has finished and we'll be posting our post-reveal thoughts here too.

Bring it on!
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Stephen Carter

AVF Games Reviewer
So this is it, we're nearly at zero hour and the tension is probably unbearable for a number of Microsoft fans. But as we count down to 6pm, what announcements are you predicting? The console is a given but do you fancy placing a bet on any new titles being announced? Let us know below as we draw nearer to the magic hour.

We've got some funky bassline going on here!
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Stephen wheres my limited edtion avf bobble head? :D
So far the xbox looks quite nice.

Deleted member 173019

Thank God that EA Guy is finished, has he not seen the average gamer these days.....its a stretch to reached the TV remote...still, I guess he has to make it sound exciting to get you to part with your hard earned these days.

Phil Hinton

Staff member
Thanks for the live blogging Ste! You can take a rest now before the podcast recording :)

The Eggman72

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EA plugging their cancer wear made my skin the sounds of it the always on feature is correct...

Stephen Carter

AVF Games Reviewer
EA plugging their cancer wear made my skin the sounds of it the always on feature is correct...

For the EA stuff it certainly seems like an 'always on' feature will be the norm. Hopefully wont be the same for the rest of things though, can see EA focussing too much on the US market with this than that of the UK unless they work fantasy team stuff into FIFA etc etc.


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UK is an important market and they already partner with Sky so I'm 'optimistic' we'll see some of this stuff transfer over here.

1080 jawbreaker

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there was a 15mbit sat feed on 10.0e but i was still unimpressed with the next gen graphics. Looked far from what a decent PC can manage these days. The Ps4 reveal contained way better gfx imo


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The device is really what the GoogleTV wants to be, one box to rule them all.

The presentation was terrible but there is some merit to the approach for a box that handles traditional TV, physical discs, streaming media, web stuff and games.

But I think it will be a hard sell just like the GoogleTV which also has a USA heavy focus like Microsoft.

PS4 seems to be games first, everything else secondary. Looking at the reaction, most games sites see this a a win for Sony whereas some gadget sites are thrilled about the Xbox One that should tell you the differences in audiences.

Stephen Carter

AVF Games Reviewer
The Xbox seems to be for consumers not gamers, which makes it a bit hard for those who want just the games to swallow. From a neutral perspective all these features they show are great but need to work 100% of the time without fail whilst the games need to be top notch and killer from day one. That's for both console to be honest though, right now I'm not totally sold either way. Having both again would be ideal but cost is also a big swinger.

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