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sean5302 said:
Yes, I've spent hour upon hour today.

What I don't like about Microsoft problems is the very limited explanations they give.

Phrases like "the selected updates cannot be downloaded". And you try and discover why and get about 800 possible reasons.

I've no viruses, as far as many progs tell me.
Active X is enabled.
I passed WGA genuine check
etc etc.

I gave up and just downloaded them manually.
It doesn't give you an error code? Do you have a firewall? If so allow svchost.exe to access the internet, as it needs to connect to


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svchost will run regardless.

The 2 services to concern yourself with are:

Background Intelligent Transfer Service

...and most importantly:

Automatic updates (naturally). :smashin:

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Close down any AV/Anti spyware you've got running, then:
rename the C::\Windows\System32\catroot2 folder to catroot2old or similar, then try running windows update again. :)

If that doesn't work, you're gonna be getting busy in the deepest darkest parts of the registry :devil:

Just in case you are infected with one of the anti-MS viruses, rename your hosts file temporarily.... or check it and remove any entries that you didn't put there yourself.. ;)

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