Microsoft to fund Blakes 7 comeback for Xbox Live

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    The Way Back

    Microsoft is to finance a remake of the cult BBC Sci-Fi series Blake's 7 as an exclusive for Xbox Live, according to a report in the Financial Times.

    No doubt, Redmond has noted the Global success of Dr Who and is looking to cash in as it further positions the 360 and Xbox One as an entertainment hub.

    As is always the case, Microsoft refused to comment on rumours and speculation, but a person 'familiar with the deal' told the FT that the company has agreed to finance the development and production of a remake, although it's believed there is no commitment, yet, to make a full series.


    US cable channel Syfy was originally believed to be down for making the new series but Microsoft has now stepped in.

    Blakes 7 was devised by Terry Nation – of Doctor Who's Daleks fame - and was a hit with viewers right from its first run in January 1978, regularly gathering audiences of 10 million people in the UK and shown in 25 other countries around the World.

    The series will be redeveloped for 21st-century viewers by Motion Picture Capital, a London-based film and television company.

    So who's up for some more shaky cameras and even shakier storylines?

    Source: FT (subscription might be needed)

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