Microsoft Sued Over Live Problems

Thats silly :suicide:


The suit, filed in U.S. District Court in Houston, claims Microsoft's outages represent a breach of contract and negligent misrepresentation for which the software maker is liable. The suit doesn't claim specific damages, but notes the amount is in excess of $5 million.


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how they came to that figure god knows! unless they plan to share the money out so everyone gets a dollar :)


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MS will be covered by their LIVE agreement which users must accept upon sign up.

even the smallest of companies protect themselves this way.


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So let me get this right, live was down for 2 weeks, which even if they were on a 1 month subscribtion plan would mean they would have been $4 out of pocket. MS have appologied and said they are going to give everyone a free XBLA arcade game (probably worth $10, meaning they actually be $6 up on the deal) yet they feel they need $5 million to set things right.

I'm so glad I don't live in the US ;)


Fair play to them i say ....of course it's a ridiculous notion ,but hey it might make Microsoft realize it's pi**ing it's customers off .

Gary D

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its a country that might well elect a baptist preacher to be President later this year - so anything is possible. $5 million seems reasonable to me :)


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Isn't going to do anywhere. Actually, perhaps the judical system should sue these people for time wasting?

Its in the XBL T&C's that you have to agree to when you sign up, that there may be downtime etc etc. So any lawsuit for it being down should be thrown out before it even gets anywhere.

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