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Hi all :)

just thought i'd inform those who are yet to buy an Xbox [myself included! :eek: lol] that Microsoft have essentially lowered the price of the Xbox with the release of a new hardware bundle. The bundle will now include the following games...

Midtown Madness 3
Rainbow Six 3

all for £139.99 :cool: not bad eh? Really want to get this myself...just have to see how kind the next few weeks are to me ;) Its being refered to as an indie-exclusive limited edition Xbox bundle, basically its looking a 'no go' for the multiples [Virgin Megastores etc...] will also only be available for a limited time too [but you already knew that :blush: just like the all deals...]

anyway...retailers [indies] are pretty much asking for Sony to follow suit with a price cut and feel a sub £100 price could be the way to go...giving the stores the opportunity to offer some great games bundles...

and so it continues...
hope thats of some interest :)


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I think the best deal on Xbox is the amazon.co.uk one.

Buy an xbox with PGR2 for £120 then get an xbox live kit for £30.

hhhmmm...still not too sure atm. i thought the above deal was pretty cool, especially since you're getting four games, so three more than the pgr2 deal for only 20quid more...and xiii and rs3 are both 'new' games and halo's...well, halo :D he he [[can't day i'm too bothered about mm3 and if i did buy would most likely not even open it! lol]

anyway, i'll keep looking...don't have the money atm. but am heading out to the states again soon so i could look into that too...

decisions, decisions


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I would be surprised if you looked extensively in all the game shops and on ebay that you would have to pay for than a fiver for halo on xbox now.

Midtown Madness is awful IMO, I've never got on with that franchise. Rainbow Six 3 is a good game, but I bought myself a PC copy for £12.99 from Virgin ages ago.

PGR2 is an outstanding game, and comes into its own on xbox live. You could honestly play PGR2 for several months and not play anything else (I am :D )


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I've also played and completed XIII on PC, and I thought it was ok. The ending is rubbish and ruined the game for me. Some nice levels, and a good angle on presentation, but other than that a basic generic fps shooter. I wouldn't give it more than 5/10.
hi matey :)

thanks for you feedback :smashin: yeah as i say i'm still looking into it atm and will definately 'shop around' to see how much i can pick up games like halo/rainbow six 3 etc for as i too am not really keen on midtown madness 3 and wouldn't mind not having it :)

thinking of games...one i'd have to get would be top spin :cool: can't wait to give that a try :clap: and of course pgr2 [i mean, who could resist after your recommendation ;) cheers dude!]



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I picked up topspin, amped 2 and links 2004 all for £60. It was just after xmas in Game so I don't know if they still do that anymore. I also say SSX3 for £20 but IMO it's not very good.

all great games and great on live, although I have a hard time playing topspin without a lot of lag. I think it's a cheat some of the sub-human scum who play it use.

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