microsoft mouse on a mac mini


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Recently bought a mac mini. Happy with it so far except for one thing. Using my trusty microsoft v3 mouse on the two side buttons (forward/back) on browsing don't work. Is there anyway of enabling these two again as it feels odd browsing without them. Oh and if it was free it'd be handy.

Can't belive how quiet the mini actually is in comparison to the pc. Keep checking to see if the things actually on! I intend in the long run to just turn it into a fileserver and run slimserver on it.



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Have you a) downloaded the MS driver for that mouse and b) checked the mouse setup preferences to give you the l/r buttons ?



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I just plugged a Microsoft optical mouse into my MAC Mini and it worked without me having to do anything. I recently swapped the Microsoft mouse for a Logitech model and that just worked too.

What happens if you use a proper Apple mouse?


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