Microsoft launch XBox Wire ahead of NextBox Launch


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Not long to wait now before we get the official unveil of Microsoft's new vision for XBox and with that in mind, Redmond has launched a news hub for all things XBox related, dubbed Xbox Wire.

The aim of the blog is to let readers follow the journey of the new console and to introduce them to the people, places and technology that bring it all together. You know, all personal and friendly-like.

Executives will write blogs occasionally, they but most will come from everyday people on the Xbox team. Naturally the Major will be sticking his beak in but he will continue to post on

The site is currently in beta but will be fully ready on May 21 ahead of the launch being held in a specially built building on the Redmond Campus' Footbal (soccer) Pitch.

We suppose you'd like a link: Xbox Wire



Been waiting for this a long time..

Day 1 buy garanteed :thumbsup: woop..


I'll see what it is and what's there for it on day one before I make make my mind up.

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