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    OK, so i don't work for a company that has microsoft exchange 2003, so I decided to get my own exchange email account from for $2 a month, you get an email addres [email protected], 200mb webspace, but the advantages of exchagemail is that your email and contacts are centralised in one place on the exchange server, and you get to access it via Outlook Web Access, think of it like accessing your hotmail or yahoo email but with an online version of microsft outlook, so you have your email and contacts and calender readily available the thing about exchange is it lets you syncronise to your mobile device, I have a pocket pc phone, and I set it to sync to the exchnage server evey hour, but you can set it to 5 minutes, since GPRS is always on it will check for new mail and sync it to your phone, but that's not all, if you add a new contact to your phone it will sync it to the server to...vice versa, the only thing I need to set up now is push email like Blackberry, so when I get a new email it will be pushed ot my pocket pc phone via GPRS as soon as it arrives, but the only problem is that the exchange server I use has not installed the Blackberry Enterprise software need that to get it to work but it's around $3000, so maybe they don't see the benefit of it, but I emailed them and they said they are adding it soon...anyway there is another exchange package they do, it's a professional one, and you get to have your own email address at your own domain, say for example "[email protected]", makes it look professional, you also get a copy of outlook 2003 for your PC, now the beauty about this is that you can use the outlook program on your PC to send and recieve email and create new contacts and it will automatically update everything on the server, pretty cool huh?, it $13 a month for the professional exchange account...not bad, you get to access your email on the go via your PDA, at work via the internet, or at home on your desktop, the great thing is the information is the same everywhere, as it's all synced via the server, so you might receive an email on you phone and then delete it then add a few contacts and when you get on your desltop at home the email won't be there as when you deleted it, it was deleted form the server when your phone synced via it's schedule, and of course the new contacts you added will be there on your dektop....great stuff...well just thought i'd share it with you....can't wait to get the blackberry working, just need a good data plan with my phone provider.......

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