Microsoft’s E3 2013 conference, 10 June

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7:05pm -And that's it everyone! Thanks for reading, I'm looking forward to hearing what you've got to say in the comments thread.

7:03pm -We're ejected high into the sky and shoot a load of people on the way down.

7:02pm -We're in the mech now. We're huge, can pick enemies up and throw them around. We jump out of the suit and shoot some things. We're back in the suit now and OH COOL.....

7:01pm - Okay, what have we got? I think I saw a jetpack, there are points for killing things (COD MP style). "Titanfall" is a noun, it's a drop of the mech suit I think.

6:59pm - We're in a troop-carrying spaceship, do a warp jump. We arrive at our destination and jump off the ship to the urban environment below. Gameplay now, FPS. Huge ships fill the sky, big mechs lumber around. The environment seems designed to make the player feel small.

6:58pm -Titanfall will take advantage of Xbox One cloud computing. We're going to see a gameplay demo now.

6:57pm -Revolution/revenge story. It's called Titanfall, as we all already know. Here's Vince Zampella to tell us more.

6:56pm -Generic US male voice over narrates over a series of action sequences in a range of environments - he's doing a bit of a rebellion speech, "This is our land". Big mechs stomp around, Halo-looking dudes run and gun.

6:56pm -Closing with a 'one more thing'. It's Respawn.

6:55pm -Xbox One will be £429, November.

6:54pm -She teases the next Halo and leaves.

6:53pm -Nah, Forum mainstay Guns_LotsOfGuns made me watch that other Halo flick and it was fine. I'm just being mean.

6:53pm -But no, the shrouded figure is Master Chief. I dunno what I was expecting - SotC on Xbox?? Anyway, here's Bonnie Ross telling us about Spartan Assault for Win8 and that TV show they mentioned that I'm going to pretend isn't a thing.

6:53pm -Rocks falls from the sky, create a huge crater. Something rises OH MY GOD THIS LOOKS SO SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS I COULD CRY.

6:52pm -Cor blimey, they're moving at a pace. Next vid looks exactly like a realistic version of Journey.

6:51pm -Another new game, this time from Black Tusk studio. In-engine vid. Dude absails down a building. In through a window. Takes someone out.. and that's all we see. Very modern Sam Fisher.

6:50pm -Next game. It's called Below and it's a roguelike of some kind. Top-down view. Hard to tell more than that.

6:49pm - Now I'm not sure about that "First on Xbox One" meant because before they left the stage they said it's the first map back that's first on XB1.

6:48pm - Alrighty, we're in little boat for the mandatory on-rails shooting bit. Lots of shouts of "Oh God", a final big explosion, and the vid ends.

6:47pm -In the water now. I'm checking to see if any fish swim away, fear not.

6:46pm -The water and fire theme continues. We're shooting down a scoped weapon. Droplets splash up onto the camera. They look good but THEY ARE STUPID YOU DON'T SEE THAT THROUGH YOUR EYES.

6:45pm -Ok, there was an explosion and we've crashed? On the deck of what might be an aircraft carrier, or that thing Nick Fury has. The place is a wreck. This game is noisy as.

6:43pm -Not being facetious, it was hard to tell what was happening.

6:43pm - Ok here we are. All working. It's Battlefield, gameplay footage. There's a dark room, and lots of shooting.

6:42pm - Oh no. He went to leave the stage but was told to stay. Nightmare scenario.

6:41pm -Still no sound but on screen it says "First on Xbox One".

6:41pm -Oh dear, oh dear. No sound. AWKWARD.

6:40pm -Battlefield 4 now. Frostbite 2 will unleash a new era of BF. They're about to show gameplay footage.

6:40pm -No gameplay but some lovely footage there, fighting big beasts and so on.

6:40pm -"The last part of the Legend". Today's event has had a lot of ships, horses, fire and swords and this is true to form.

6:39pm -Voice commands via Kinect, inventory management on Smartglass. (Optional). Here's a vid. Full title - Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

6:37pm -Here's John Mamias to talk about Witcher 3. State of the art next gen DX11 graphics, dark and non-linear story; free roaming.

6:36pm -He calls in some artillery support somehow and everything blows up. And that's that from Dead Rising 3.

6:36pm -Driving now, which is a "critical part of exploration". Obligatory mowing-all-the-zeds down sequence. Looked good. Out of the car now, and into the city centre. Loads of Zombies here.

6:35pm -In a gym now. First time I've seen the inside of one of those since I watched Rocky IV.

6:34pm -Remember all those zombies I mentioned? He distracts them and runs away. Now he's charging through a group of them, shooting them with machine guns. The gun is dead.

6:32pm -Big, dense city. Anything is a weapon apparently. He taped his gun to a torch as if to demonstrate that, but to be fair I think the gun was a weapon to start with.

6:31pm -Zombie in a car. Generic protagonist smacks it with a wrench. Now we're in actual gameplay, in a back yard. He kills a few Zombies but he's overrun. He goes up to a roof.

6:30pm -I liked 2 well enough but, meh. I dunno. BUT I PROMISED I'D KEEP AN OPEN MIND TONIGHT SO HERE GOES.

6:30pm -BUT THE SHOW MUST GO ON. Here are Josh and Mike from Capcom talking about the exciting Xbox One. They're talking Dead Rising 3.

6:29pm -Er... silent video of Crimson Dragon is showing. Looks good but would be better with uh, sound.

6:28pm -MS points are dead, local currency only from now on.

6:28pm -For the record, that was the first woman to take the stage and I missed her name. Genuinely irritated with myself over that but there you go. It's mostly "male, pale and stale", this.

6:27pm -Oy, here we go. Instant broadcast of gameplay via Twitch. Good idea too. People can comment in the side panel.

6:27pm -Automatic recording of games. You can upload to Xbox studio to share. I really like this idea actually, although most of what gets uploaded will be rubbish. PVR companies might be less impressed.

6:25pm -They're playing Killer Instinct now with a MadCatz fightstick. Pretty cool. They're making the point in no uncertain terms that people with the stick will have the advantage.

6:22pm -Just an aside - I say "Forza" but the rest of the world says "Fort-sa". W T F?

6:22pm -Okay so in case I've not been clear it's a social game development tool. They're showing examples of what can be done, lots of recognisable riffs on games like Limbo. Could be really interesting.

6:21pm -I am APPALLED by this language. "P1ssed off", "Badass". APPALLED.

6:19pm - Okay so you can share what you do for others to create stuff. They're showing what appears to be a collaborative project, a reasonably well formed game.

6:19pm - Now they've created enemies.

6:18pm - So having made the world, you can go down into it and add items and behaviours. They've made a rock and are giving it instructions. The rock is now behaving as a pet.

6:18pm -It's got something to do with making games. There's a dude talking to Kinect, creating an environment. "Show me rivers" and boom, rivers. "Night, day," he says, all this appears in the world on screen.

6:18pm -Here's Dave McCarthy(?) from Microsoft Studios to talk about something called Project Spark.

6:16pm -Looked okay. Now here's something called D4 by Microsoft Studios and Swer65. Cell-shaded murder mystery, episodic. Brief clips, tells us little.

6:15pm -Jack's here with a woman, partner I presume. Time is frozen. He's walking round the scene, there's an explosion frozen mid-blast. A woman is caught in it. He pulls her away and she's unfrozen. They talk for it a bit then time starts up again. The explosion happens, fade to black.

6:14pm -Okay they're about to show us a scene from the game. Protagonist is called Jack.

6:13pm -Okay here's Quantum Break. Dan Lake's here to tell us about blurring lines between gaming and TV. Microsoft know all about that, eh? eh?

6:13pm -OMG it's got rounded corners and there are no blocks!! And... Nah, only joking. It's Minecraft, innit.

6:12pm - From XBox 360 to Xbox One - it's Minecraft. Cut to vid.

6:12pm -On to Phil Harrison, who's talking about their commitment to indies.

6:10pm -Vid now. Again, stunning lighting and detail.

6:09pm - Basically it learns while you race, and carries on racing when you're not there. So basically, your friends can play 'you' even when you're not online, because your 'drivertar', which will have learned how you race, will take your place.

6:07pm -We're seeing a close up of a car, and lots of flowery talk about how the Xbox One makes air you can taste or something. He's saying it's not AI, it's learning in the cloud. He's showing it off. He keeps saying a word I can't place - Drivertar?

6:06pm -Dan has that cool look of beard and no head hair, like it's slid down is face.

6:05pm -Advert for McLaren leads into Forza 5. Here's someone to tell us about it (Dan something).

6:04pm -So what is it? I dunno, imagine a third person mirrors edge / jet set radio / infamous hybrid thing.

6:03pm -Not "open world, living world" - cut to vid. Beautiful colours. A guy jumps off a roof and free runs all over the place. Shoots a couple of people for good measure. "Stylised" doesn't even come close, it's gorgeous.

6:03pm - Didn't see much and we've moved on quickly. Here's Ted Price (Insomniac) to talk to us about Sunset Overdrive.

6:03pm - Killer instinct is back! :)

6:02pm - Cut to vid. YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6:01pm -We're being told about how Ryse wouldn't have been possible were it not for the XB1 and the new CryEngine.

6:00pm -Panning shot now showing a huge assault on the tower, pans up and away, lots of particles and smoke. Pretty.

5.59pm -I can't say I'm totally sold on the gameplay, not much original. I'll bet the buttons are light attack, heavy attack, grab and defend or whatever.

5.58pm -It's quite QTE heavy, I have to say, but it shows off the potential well. If you want a frame of reference, this God of War.

5.56pm -The lighting is great, lots of fire, and a moody cloudy sky. Faces and animations are great as our protagonist leads his men on an attack on a tower.

5.55pm -Cut to a Roman giving a rousing speech, leading and army to battle. Now a truly incredible scenes of a third person action sequence. They get off a boat and there's a huge battle on a beach.

5.54pm -Okay, cut to vid. Low rumbling voiceover. Initially unspectacular trailer showing a statue being formed. It's for Ryse: Son of Rome.

5.53pm -He's only gone and put a State of Decay t shirt on! (Check that game out, it's awesome).

5.52pm -I think it'll be pretty great, definitely one to look forward to. But here's Phil Spencer to talk about "the new generation of games - everything from this point forward is created for XB1"

5.51pm -Two new games now - "Max: The curse of brotherhood", cute looking. And here's Dark Souls 2, which looks exactly as you'd expect it to.

5.47pm -It'll be free from the summer.

5.47pm -Yep - world of tanks, 360 edition.

5.47pm - Cut to a video revealing.... World of Tanks perhaps?

5.47pm -talking now about new Xbox 360 titles, including the new Batman and GTA 5.

5.47pm -Freebies will include Assassin's Creed 2 and Halo 3. Um...

5.46pm -New programme for gold members. From July 1 - two free games per month. PS+ killer?

5.46pm -New Xbox 360 available starting today.

5.46pm -Yusuf Mehdi is here to talk about the 360.

5.44pm -We're going to see 13 exclusives today, says Mattrick.

5.43pm - Kojima and Mattrick on stage, but Kojima disappears with only a few words of praise for the XB1.

5.42pm -The graphics really are impressive, that's a real looker.

5.40pm - Showing off the cast of characters. Snake runs around carrying an unconscious chap on his back. Montage of explosions and serious looking faces.

5.38pm -This looks stunning - vehicles, and the promise of a 'new breed of stealth'

5.35pm -Kicking off with MGS 5

5.35pm -Here we go...

5.29pm - Very nearly time (assuming they start on time). Kinect-dependent exclusives, here we come!

5.25pm - Check this out, from Mattrick: "The only device that brings together all your entertainment all in one place. Games, movies, sports, tv and social... all brought to life by the magic of Kinect." Nope, I've not seen a sneak peek of anyone's presentation notes - that's from this time last year, friends!

5.21pm - Hello and welcome to the AVForums live blog for the Microsoft's E3 Conference. I'll be doing my best to keep you up to date with all the announcements through the next hour and a half or so. They'll be kicking off in less than 10 minutes!

Join me here at 5.30pm today where I'll be live blogging Microsoft's E3 conference. We'll also be hosting the stream on this thread, and you'll be able to comment here.

It should be an interesting hour and a half. Will we get many answers on the myriad of thorny issues that seem to surround the Xbox One, like the used games policy and always-on Kinect? It's unlikely.

But what we can expect is GAMES! Lots and lots of games - rumour has it there could be 20 titles on show.

I'm optimistic we'll see enough to get us excited for the next-gen, but it'll be interesting to see whether Microsoft can sway the tide of public opinion. Fingers crossed it's not too Kinect-heavy, with any luck we might get to hear more about what the Xbox One can do for the 'core' gamer.

Personally, I can't wait to hear more about those fish that move out of the way when you get close to them. It's the future!

Be sure to join me later!
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Stephen Carter

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It's nearly time... Viva Pinata 3 here we come ;)


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golden phoenix

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stream doesnt work for me at all, and i have a 20 meg connection!

Stephen Carter

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Awful presentation. Nothing there to get excited for bar DR3 and even the first two of those were horrible to play. As for the pricing, the less said about that the better i think....

Stephen Carter

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They showed 20 games, what was missing? I thought it was pretty good.

Most of them were 'meh', the only thing of note was Dead Rising to be honest. There was the campest shooter ever designed, Forza is Forza, Halo is Halo, and that Ryse was just full of QTE's. A good idea flawed with a horrible mechanic.

The costing is all wrong. You can get a more powerful for that price and the DRM is still unexplained whilst the namby pamdy share features and Twitch thing is taking too much of the focus.

golden phoenix

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do we have a price and release date for uk XB1?!

the best benefit i can see, is the shading and lighting and brilliant on the games which really enhances them..but my pet hate... dead eye is still very prevalent ..please for the love of god..rockstar..please sell the solution to all la noire was fantastic for dead eye solution and brilliant lip sync...


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Yesterday I watched M$ open the lid and step into a console gaming coffin, and today I watched Sony nail it shut :)

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