Micromega DAC 1 and Aiwa DVD player


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I want to buy a Micromega DAC 1 for a bargain price to use with the digital output from my Aiwa XD-DV 480 DVD player. I am a little unclear as to how much of an improvement there would be, due to factors such as jitter. Is the DVD player used as a transport really that bad? Would the positive effects of the superior DAC be offset by the crappy transport in the Aiwa?

Also, has any one listened to the DAC 1? I can't find any info on it.





I used a Micromega Dac for a good few years,it's fairly rare but is a exellent add on conveter that will see off most cd players today.It finished its life at £750,and was matched to the Micromega concept range of Drive transports with the unreliable phillips 12.4 transport,piece of junk really.you could get a Drive 1 or a improved 2/3 at a grand.

I used my MM Dac with the dedicated MM transport,it is musically very involving,big,lush,non fatiguing,analougeish sounding,very recommended,I also used it with a Loewe DVD player to great effect really improved the power and definition,you really notice its effects once you take it away after a couple of weeks,and you wonder where the music has gone!

I sold mine on,the person I sold it to, put it on a sony cd player and is stunned at the improvement he gained.I would pay around £180 for it,Micromega are still active in the homeland of Frace even though not represented in the UK.

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