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Micro System AUDIO BARGAIN - 1 of those rare items

Discussion in 'Hi-Fi Stereo Systems & Separates' started by BUGANNA, Jul 12, 2005.



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    dont tell everyone, BUT, HITACHI have a new MICRO hi fi

    called the AX-M70MP3

    it has half-decent sound quality, is tiny, and is a true seperates component setup...........

    alluminium casing, piano black speakers, and top loading cd player

    price is £ 150 new

    check it out, I think its an audio bargain, and have one for use in the bedroom.........

    I mention this unit, as It is one of those rare finds, when a manufacturer has produced something of quality, at a really low price

    Im not saying too replace your main hi fi with this, but , for other purposes, PC / bedroom etc, its perfect

    dont expect the highest fidelity sound , this is not as good as a Denon micro, but for the price and looks, a very nice setup...........

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