Michael Moore wins Palme d'or at Cannes Film Festival


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Crikey :eek:

He's put on a shed load of weight again ain't he?!

The new doc of his looks really good as well.


Congrats to him, I think his films are superb, he tells it as he see's it.
Funny thing is his countrymen will more than likely never get to see his documentry on mass. Thats the worlds greatest democracy for you.

Stuart Wright

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If Disney won't distribute the film, is it as simple as getting someone else to?

Phil Hinton

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with him winning, i am sure someone else will buy the distrubtion rights

Rambo John J

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Was Tarantino chairing the panel of judges at Cannes? :confused:
I ask because considering he's got his own distribution company (Rolling Thunder) that's part of the Disney Empire (although Disney won't release the old exploitation movies he's bagged with his company), that all his own movies seem to come out under the Disney banner... was he making some kind of "political" gesture when I saw him on the news declaring how it gave them great pleasure to award Michael Moore the Palm D'Or?


I think Harvey Weinstein (sp?) has already said that he's buying the rights from Miramax/Disney to distribute the film himself. It'll definitely get distributed, it's just a matter of ironing out the details. Moore's obviously anxious to get this thing in the theatres because it'll will undoubtedly affect the upcoming elections. (November, I think)

Hopefully they'll do a worldwide release so that we don't have to wait to see it over here.

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