Miami Vice Season 3 on DVD?


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Anyone know when/whether MV Season 3 will appear on DVD?

I've had a mooch around the net and can find no info. :confused:

Bought the first 2 seasons on R1 DVD and the wife (who hadn't seen it 1st time round) is hooked! :rotfl:

Now all I get is complaints that there's no more to watch! It's been on Bravo and other places I know but it's difficult to pick up where they're at with those. A season at a time on DVD is much easier.

I thought when the movie hit the cinema we might get a release and then another when the film came to DVD but, as yet, nothing!

TIA. :smashin:


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The Movie is due out 12th Dec on R1. So somewhere near that time I guess for season 3 release on R1.:thumbsup:


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Tardis - cheers mate, fingers crossed! :smashin:


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Yes there were 5 seasons, though Season 5 was a bit ropey, Don Johnson clearly didn't want to be there, the best episodes were the three at the beginning of the season which followed on from the season 4 cliffhanger (the series first and only cliffhanger), no spoilers just in case they ever get around to releasing it !

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