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I'm in the UK and I've just received the Mi Box S. It came with the beta version of Android 9 and I updated to the latest software. I got the Mi Box to try out streaming from Youtube music to my Chord Mojo Dac using a toslink optical cable. That is working fine. I haven't listened much yet, so can't comment on sound quality compared to streaming from my Chromecast Audio.

The main reason I'm trying this rather than sticking with my Chromecast Audio is to have my tv display the album art from what I'm playing. That works fine, although the album cover is quite small in the center of the screen. But I discovered something interesting today while messing with the Mi Box in my Google home app on my phone, I pressed on "play music" just below the Mi Box Icon in the app and some random music was cast to my tv. The interesting thing is the album art looked very different when casting like this, rather than being a small square in the center of the screen it was enlarged to fill the whole screen, which looked great. When it goes to the next random song the album art starts off as the small square then expands to fill the screen.

Has anyone else seen this?

Is there any way to get the album art to fill the screen when casting from the Youtube music on my phone or playing music from the Youtube app on the Mi Box?



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I'm not familiar with YouTube Music so don't know if the music you're playing is only online but if you have local copies of it which you can use instead then you could install Kodi on your Mi Box. Getting Kodi to display album artwork and track listings is easy but I've only ever done this with locally stored music files, previously from a NAS drive and these days from a USB SSD drive. I even have it displaying syncronised song lyrics too but this isn't quite so easy to set up.

Alternatively you could watch John Darko's YouTube of the Mi Box S to see how he used it for music playback:



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Thanks JB,

John Darko's video is what got me interested in the Mi Box in the first place.

I am streaming from Youtube Music online content, not using locally stored files. It seems there is much better support for displaying rich content if you are streaming locally stored files with apps like Roon. I miss having Album art, information, lyrics visible and easily accessible.

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