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Bit there a level skip cheat? as i'm fed up with trying to beat the three large robots on a circle thing bit.


Big Jim

no cheats afaik.

The Metal Gears aren't too hard when you have the knack.

1. You are wearing the body armour aren't you?
2. Make sure chaff is in the air at all times. (the missiles are then less accurate)
3. Don't forget stingers are fire and forget: get lock, fire, switch back to dodging, rinse, and repeat.
4. shoot the metal gear in the knee with a stinger to get it to bend down, then follow up with one in the open mouth bit for loads of damage. 3/4 head hits per metal gear.

More MG's come in (you have to kill 5-9 total depending on what skill you are playing on I believe) and when you ahve done enough damage more tedious cutscenes kick in (it's not a bad one actually)


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These pi**ed me off too. Managed to do it on my 5th attempt though.

follow Big Jim's advice and you'll get there.

This is how many you have to kill depending on the difficulty you started the game on.

EASY - 3
HARD - 12

Also keep running into the middle of the platform as you will find rations there.

one other tip. You have to be quick but after you have fired a shot turn and look at another RAY and you can usually get a shot in straight away

Good luck. You will get there

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