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I was wondering if any of you had a thought on speakers that would match up with a MF system 308 CD and Int Amp. I currently have mission 753's and although I like the sound, I can't help felling they could be more open and transparent. I don't want to lose bass so I think floor standers are still required. Budget would be hopefully up to £5k but having said that for the right sound/look (wifes vote) maybe £6k.


For that price range you have a huge selection available.

Have you considered one of the B&W Nautilus range? 803 or even 802 might be an excellent option.

Focal/JMLabs Utopia range is also pretty much a must audition, although I'm not sure which model you'd get for that price. Their new Be Utopia range is widely reviewed as having some of the best tweeters on the market.

Have a great time doing some good long listening auditions to find the right speakers :)


I would audition Spendor 8.
I have tried MF308 int. with my ATC SCM 35 - it did not work for me.


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You have some really phenomenal speakers available to you. What size of room are you working with and what kind of speaker placement flexibility do you have i.e. is the room used by other members of your family? Can you have speakers clear of the walls when listening? How would you feel about large speakers in the room if they delivered a sound you enjoyed?

I'll do what I can to advise as I've had the opportuinity to try quite a few speakers with this amp/cd combination in my listening room. I can certainly vouch for the fact that thsi combo give you huge flexibility in the area of speakers due to their prodigious drive capability, it's just a matter of what your domestic situation can stand.

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I currently use the Acoustic Energy AE1 Mk3s with an MJ Acoustics Reference 1 subwoofer for low frequency duties with my MF A308 amp. I find that this gives me the best combination of transparency and stereo imaging that you get from a good standmounting monitor but with the bottom end grunt that is also easily adjustable for position and room size. Items are pictured below.




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