metroid prime what is it ???


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i have no idea what the fuss is about so an some one please fill me in i never heard of any of the metroid games or played them :confused:


I have never seen or played the previous versions but its the Gamecube version of the older Metroid series of games on previous Nintendo consoles.
Its basically a space(ish) based first person shooter which looks very promising from some of the reviews and screenshots I have seen.

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Having played Super Metroid, I can confirm that it's a blinder of a game, as 2Ds go. Metroid Prime is NOT a first person shooter. It's a fusion of platforming, adventuring, and shooting. This game will rock. Only pain is, it doesn't get released over here till next year. If Freeloader was out, I'd import it in a second.

No doubt Groundy and Neoblade, who I presume are getting it about now, will let us know their opinions.


Scores so far

9.8 / 10 on
9.7 / 10 on

My copy is ordered but lord knows when it will turn up. I'll give you a summary when it arrives.


::Has a stupidly large grin on his face:: ^_^

Hell yeah I have it on pre-order although I'm sure my copy won't be shipped as fast as Groundy's. Its released on the 19th btw... Which is the same date for Tekki (Xbox) and some of my DVDs (Cowboy Bebop) so all is well with the world. I'll be getting the GBA version soon as well.

I have played the NES, GB and SNES versions of Metroid and without doubt my fave thus far is Super Metroid. When I heard that Metroid Prime was going to use a first person perspective I was fuming... Almost as much as the visual change to Zelda.

Now though its seems that Retro Studios and Nintendo has done a superb job with Metroid Prime - A First Person Adventure. Theres heavy emphasis on exploration (as one would expect from a Metroid title), jumping, puzzle solving and scanning using up to four different visors for Samus' hemet. And then theres the shooting part as well ^_^

In general if peeps think that Metroid Prime is like a FPS... Then thats like calling Super Metroid a 2D platformer. Play the game before you judge it ^_^

Also, if any of you guys have missed out on Super Metroid (SNES) then I would recommend playing it sometime in your gaming life. Its worth it just to see the level design.

I will also give my opinions on the game once I receive it, to see if it really is worthy of the title Metroid.

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