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Metallica - "Most Requested" in Guitar Hero & Rock band


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During a promotional trailer for the band's forthcoming studio album, Metallica has declared said that its music is the "most requested" on both Rock Band and Guitar Hero.

You may remember a few years back that the aging US rock chuggers were on the verge of appearing in their very own vide game under the Vivendi / Sierra moniker. The "high action, third person vehicle combat game packed with fully customised vehicles and weaponry, endless terrain and desperate, murderous opponents" was due out in 2005 but it never happened. There was even going to be voice-overs from band and background music supplied from Metallica. An original song was also in the works for the title.

But all that never happened. Probably because someone eventually realised that it sounded horrific on paper. Worse even than the Load and St Anger albums put together. Thank god for the emergence then of Guitar Hero and Rock Band, which have given fans a chance to be in the band rather than drive it around, running people over.

Metallica classics such as One, And Justice For All..., Blackened and Ride the Lightning are just some of what's already available. But with the band's claim that its tunes are the most requested for both games, looks like they'll be plenty more in store. Bring on Battery and Damage Inc., we say...

Hardly a surprise!! Just gimme some AC/DC for the love of God!!!!!:devil:


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I can see people dislocating their fingers trying to play Thunderstruck...:D

The opportunity would be fantastic though! Whole Lotta Rosie on Rock Band!? I wouldnt ever play another game again!

I've read that Fuel is going to be a released song soon as DLC. I wonder if they're waiting for licensing issues, still plotting all the notes, or waiting for another few Metallica songs to offer as a pack! Maybe even the Load album, but I can think of better album tracks! I'd rather a 3 pack with some better songs. Get One on Rock Band!

Captain Speedy

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I would love some S&M tracks, I think I would blow a nut if they released S&M Outlaw Torn.


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master of puppets would easily be the greatest rock band song ever. even though im not a big fan of metallica....... its king when they play it live


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Orion, sod the vocalist he can clap.

I'd be up for any Metallica tracks and would buy every single one on Rock Band. Some of those I'd love to see though are:

For Whom The Bell Tolls
Fade To Black
The Four Horsemen (I can't strum for **** but would learn for this :D)
Seek And Destroy (Solo might be above me on Expert)
House That Jack Built
No Leaf Clover

I'd have every song of course but just some that stick in my mind we don't have already released.

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