Messy joint in uplink/IR coax cable - how to do properly?

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Just moved in...

In the lounge, the coax wall plate has had its cable disconnected and joined to an extension which runs out the wall, along to another corner of the room, and in again along with two sat feed cables. The coax is now an uplink feed to a distribution amp in the loft. This inherited amp has no other input and eight outputs to other rooms.

Here's the joint in the wall plate box. I can't feel any connector through the tape...


I'll use this uplink to supply the loft amp with RF feed from a Humax PVR via a DVB-T modulator. The modulator will also provide HDMI loop through feed to my local TV which is right by the redundant wall socket. A new HDMI cable will run out of the wall in the other corner and back in again by this wall plate.

I need to control the Humax box in the other corner via magic eye at the TV and the modulator's IR emitters in the other corner.
This would usually be done via coax cable from the magic eye back to the modulator, i.e. the uplink cable, as happens with all remote TVs in other rooms, but of course this isn't connected to the wall plate where I could simply plug in the magic eye's coax lead.

So, how do I...
1/ Make a proper connection of the original wall plate cable to the extension cable, and...
2/ Also allow the wall plate to send magic eye return to the modulator via a lead plugged into the wall plate.

If I didn't know better I'd connect the original wall plate cable back to the wall plate and also connect the extension which terminates at the modulator RF OUT 9v to the wall plate. BUT I'm aware life isn't that simple and I portably need some splitter or other technogubbins to make it work.

Any suggestions please?

NB. SWMBO wants to do it the above way!

OR... the satellite dish is right above this wall plate. It's two cables run down the wall right outside. I'm thinking it would be easier to run both sat cables through the wall by this wall plate, shorten them, keep the PVR and modulator local to the TV, connect a short internal HDMI from modulator HDMI loop through to local TV, reconnect the original coax to the wall plate and scrap the coax extension.

BUT... if I wanted to keep the PVR and modulator hidden away (close to the TV), still using a discrete magic eye at the TV to operate the PVR, where do I attach the magic eye's coax fly lead to?
The wall plate will have the modulator's RF OUT 9v coax lead attached. Could I just insert the magic eye's "T" connector in this run from modulator to wall plate?

Well done for reading this far!
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