Message in a bottle


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Went to a local Wine shop today to try and get an entry for the competition, titled as per the above.

The manager at Colchester Wines was very helpful and allowed me to spend some time deciding what to do - even supplied the bottle !

Anyway, in the end none of them made the competition, but I am still interested to hear what you all think. RIA as the new saying goes !!







4 - The Warhol version !


I do actually like them all and nearly entered the last one just for the hell of it but am now happy with what I have done.

as I say - RIA



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Great song - great idea - number 3 "works" best for me but they all have too many bottles in them that draw attention away from the "real" bottle for me... so perhaps a tighter crop ?



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Photography is very subjective!

If it was me I would have got closer to the bottles and composed the shot so that it cut out the shelf, that way only the bottles would fill the frame.
Applying the rule of thirds I would place your 'message in bottle' somewhere in that region.

Using a low F-stop I would also apply a greater depth of field.



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Great idea, the only thing I think you should have done differently would've been to put it in amongst some bordeaux bottles rather than the burgandy's so it would've been the same shape... I think number 3 my pick of these shots.:smashin:


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I really like the last one. I do that occasionally to photos that would otherwise be uninspiring (not suggesting your was/is tho). Some of my favourite images I have are ones where I have totally blown out the saturation, contrast and in some cases gone for a dramatic rotation.

Nice :smashin:


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Have analyzed it a bit more, I went wrong with the note, it was too false, a roll of tea stained paper tied up with a bit of string without any text showing and with a cork in the bottle would have been much better !


agreed, or the word 'message':smashin:

nice try though:clap:

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