Mesh network issues


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I have a Tenda mw6 wifi mesh, with 5 nodes.

My home broadband is 150mb and I do get close to that in general. At the start, I was getting the same on the mesh as on the router.

For a while though, I've dropped to about 70mb on the mesh. Still getting full speed if I connect to the router, but the mesh is half strength.

First time it happened I rebooted the mesh and it fixed it but not any more.

70mb is still fine for my needs, but I'm just curious.


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same problem...except thatI have a 500 Mps on my router and less than 30 Mps on the mesh..sometimes goes down to 1 Mps..very frustrating ..anyone help pls ?


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5 is a very high number of nodes unless you see covering an exceptional large area of one with lots of obstructions.

Have you done a WiFi map with WiFi Analyser ?

How are your nodes connected, via ethernet or WiFi for backhaul ?

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