Merry Christmas


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Merry Christmas to all the politics forum regulars.

Despite the often lively debate and differences of opinion I'm sure we can all wish each other a merry Christmas and a happy new year.:smashin:


Merry Christmas to the Moderator with the hardest job in the AVforums....!

And Peace and Best Wishes to everyone else!


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Happy Saturnalia to all you guys on the most interesting, informative and enjoyable forum on the fantastic Avforums. Have a smashing day, eat drink and be merry and, for a day at least, forget about the crap happening in the world that we are endlessly trying to put right here..:smashin:

la gran siete

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Merry Christmas to all and sundry ,and hope the new year goes well for you too:thumbsup:


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Merry Christmas to all :thumbsup:

Its been an eventful year in politics - we've seen the SNP get an outright majority and move Scotland towards independence, the AV referendum, surprising results in the Local Council elections, the Eurozone crisis, large scale strikes, large cuts to the public sector and much, much more. I wonder what 2012 will bring.

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