Merry Christmas! [The Totally Gaming Related Edition]


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So guys n girls,

What did you all get for Xmas? :D

I got.....

  • Henry Hoover :thumbsup:
  • Babyliss iStubble.
  • Walter Isaacson - Steve Jobs [Read about 50 pages. So far, so good. Kinda makes me wish I studied Electronics in akimbo with IT - I loved electronic stuff when I was a kid, then fell in love with computing and moved away from the proper technical side].
    [*]Little pasta cook book.
    [*]A couple more 'Crime' books.
    [*]Fluffy hat.
    [*]A Facebook [Like] Coffee cup.
    [*]Jelly babies & chocolates.
    [*]A watch.
    [*]A little booze.
    [*]Beyerdynamic DT770s :devil:

An awesome haul overall!
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ahhh. I got

Wall Clock
Cooking equipment
and...........probably shouldnt admit it in here........................... The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword:eek:

You know what though, I sat down late last night when everyone went to bed for a quick blast....three hours later had to force myself to switch it off. This doesn't normally happen with me and my low attention span, great little game so far:thumbsup:
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I got from Santa:

  • Epiphone Les Paul Camo Zakk Wylde Custom
  • Epiphone Case
  • Gears Of War 3
  • Toy Story 3D
  • Tory Story 2 3D
  • Thor 3D
  • Frozen Planet (BR)
  • Nightmare Before Xmas 3D
  • A Chocolate Pizza (Awsome?)
  • 3 Pairs Of Jeans
  • 3 T-Shirts
  • Giorgio Armani Code
  • MX Oakley Goggles
  • Go Pro Chest Strap
  • A Pair of Supra Trainers
  • Family Guy Boxers (EPIC)
  • Socks with my name on
  • Belt

Awsome!! Its Good to be home for christmas this year :clap:


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A bag of dead rats.
A bag of dead rats.
...you were lucky! All I got was a bag that used to have Dead Rats in it!

Enough of the Python references, and on to my list:

  • Skyrim Guide
  • Molton Brown Black Pepper Aftershave
  • Box of eBay stuff*
  • Steam Games from Mates**
  • Various smellies and Socks

* My mum goes off for Christmas and New Year, and so we have Christmas early and she gives me some cash for Christmas. So I thought this year, rather than buy Game, Blu-Ray and Graphic Novel etc, I would buy my normal random crap from ebay, and have her pay for that. So my Box of eBay stuff (TM) contained

  • 5 Blank Armay Blu-ray cases as I had a few second hand Blu-rays that had slightly messed up cases.
  • Raymond Feist Hardback Books x 3
  • Blu-ray of X-Men (not from ebay, but from here - just dont tell my mum)
  • Magic the Gathering Pre-Release Vampire Card
  • 2 x 1960s Daredevils.

** I normally buy a few cheap games for my mates, those 3 for 10 quid deals in Game and give them a random game, but this year thought I would do the Steam sale thing instead, so made sure they all had wishlists to choose from. I got recipricated in kind and currently have had these bought for me:

  • Witcher 2
  • Morrowind
  • Magic the Gathering DLC
  • UFO

Gordon B

The Old Republic CE
Box of Jack Higgins novels
Badger Hair Shaving Brush
Joop (Real men wear pink)
Inbetweeners DVD

Happy with that tbh, mysteriously there is one other item which was OOS at Amazon but Mrs B won't spill as to what that is...


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i got
a kindle
saints row 3
stephen kings new book
oh and a pair of turtle beach headphones brought from hillskill


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2 hoodies and a jumper. :(
I got a River Island hoodie - Large - It doesn't fit.. It looks like I'm trying on Next Kids gear :thumbsdow

Why do they only make clothes for small men :'(


I got a nook color (on it now typing this), Hugo boss scarf, some cash which all probably become a ssd or/and CPU cooler ans some aftershave and other bits and bobs.


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I got:

M&S top
Pair of joggies
Wallace and Gromit Coffee Mug
Some M&S vouchers
Some money (enough for 1 game normally or 10 in steam's sale :D)

I'm sure the Mrs still owes :devil:

Plus got to make the kids follow clues around the house for the pressie's Santa left for them :D


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I got, in no order of preferance:
  • Chocolate
  • Adidas deodrant and shower gel
  • Skyrim - but that was bought as a preorder on Steam before release date so had it early ;)
  • Family Guy Season 9, 10 and 11 (dvd as I like all my tv on dvd for conversion for my mediaplayer)
  • More Chocolate
  • £25 (one £20 and one £5) vouchers for Game....Gonna get these cashed by the old dot for the money to continue my Steam Sale Addiction (SSAA - Steam Sale Addition Anonymous for short).
  • Jurassic Park Trilogy (Blu Ray)
  • Harry Potter 1-7 box set (Blu Ray)
  • Bit more chocolate
  • £100 in total cash from various family and friends (this, and a bot of my own saved money, has been funding my Steam and other download sale game purchases Saint's Row 3 from THQ for instance)
  • Simpsons Socks and Mug from my daughter

Everyone stopped buying me game's so much and gave me cash instead as they were getting fed up of going to buy me somthing over Steam only to find I already own the game :D



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Everyone stopped buying me game's so much and gave me cash instead as they were getting fed up of going to buy me somthing over Steam only to find I already own the game

I gave strict orders:

No Software :laugh:

Nobody would have a clue what to buy, plus, they won't be super-cheap like me.. And only buy things in the sale(s).

Far Cry 1 & 2... I'm tempted... I need to stop buying games... I think I have an addiciton! :rolleyes:


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'Steam Sale's Addict's Anonymous'


SSAA... Super-Sample Anti-Aliasing?!

In real life?! I knew my edges could be smoother...


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Game wise my wife got me a set of the Corsair HS1's and Assassins Creed Revelations,. My in laws got me dartboard too and my folks got me Skyrim, I squeeked when I opened it I was so excited, also the map that is inside is so cool too. :D

Also got a map of Westoros from the better half, one of my fav presents that one, its amazing so going up in the office tomorrow.

Got some other various stuff too and plenty of brandy and bailies. Going to hit the sales tomorrow and hopefully pick up a bigger PC monitor too.

Been really blessed by everyone this Christmas. Hope you all had a good one.

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