Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence Blu-ray Review

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Reviewed by Andrew Mogford, 29th September 2010.
Folks this is a stunning disc and I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending it to any fan of cinema. The film itself is endlessly fascinating, and will reveal more to you every time you watch it. It is nearly unique in how it looks at the Japanese race and how they behaved during the war from the view of a Japanese director, and also how it deals with forbidden, unspoken love of a kind which was very taboo at the time.

A great film is served with a fantastic video and audio restoration that blows away any previous home incarnation ever released, and a set of extras that serve to enhance understanding of the film whilst looking at various aspects of the production in great depth.

I am always wary of hyperbole, and have never done this before – but I am going to give this Criterion disc a full ten across the board. It is rare that a disc lands that shows such care and attention in every aspect. When I saw the disc was being released I was just pleased that the film was coming, and had no particularly high expectation of how it would be served. Therefore, my expectations were blown away. Fans of the film should already have ordered this, but any fan of the cinema should consider ordering this. For once, a genuine classic gets the treatment it deserves. A triumph for Criterion.

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Fantastic review, thank you. I'm holding out for a Region B release of the same quality. Hope Studio Canal have this in their sights . . . :cool:
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