Merry Christmas - don't buy from Techtronics



As we approach the festive buying season, I just thought I'd like to share my experience with Techtronics and advise anyone considering it NOT to buy from Techtronics. You might have a Merry Christmas, but if anything goes wrong with your kit, you won't have a Happy New Year.

I bought a DVD player from Techtronics earlier in the year. There was a problem with it. Techtronics refused to do anything to fix it unless I paid carriage - an incredible £25 or so. This is despite this being in clear breach of numerous pieces of legislation including Trades Descriptions Act, Distance Selling Legislation and others. I pointed this out to them. They ignored me.

It wasn't as if the fault was in dispute - Toshiba acknowledged the problem and I eventually managed to sort it out via them. This was after an extended and anguished email debate with Techtronics, of course. On several occasions it was clear they hadn't even had the courtesy to read my emails but just fired back a standard non-reply.

Oh, and they were asking me to provide my credit card details (for carriage) in an email! How stupid is that? The only way of dealing with them (if you've purchased via the internet) is via email. Should someone tell them that the last thing you should do is include credit card numbers in a totally unsecure email?

They have some feedback comments on their website from apparently satisfied customers. Don't pay these any heed. It's supposed to allow genuine customers a chance to comment, but I'm a genuine customer and surprisingly they didn't post my comment.

Overall, terrible terrible customer service. It's clear they have a deliberate policy of obstruction for post-purchase customer service. If you must buy from them, make sure you live near enough to visit them in person and be prepared for a fight. It's just not worth it.

Incidentally, it would make my Christmas all the more happy if I knew that just one person decided against purchasing from Techtronics because of this post.




Try contacting the BBC's Working Lunch programme through the BBC website. They love dealing with things like this. They may not put it on the tele but I had a major problem with in the summer which they sorted for me.

gmt steve

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What was the problem, can you be more specific? I'm thinking of using Techtronics, but may go elsewere.


I had a long, long wait to get a refund from Techtronics after an error they had made. I'll never use them again and would do my best to put others off using them too.


There must be many such incidents occuring with many other suppliers. Maybe a good idea would be to have an area within this forum like a 'name them and shame them' area. It would help us all I think.


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i`ve lost count of the amount of bad press techtronics have had an if you do a search on any forum id say there is nothing but hassle if the player goes wrong.gmt steve i sent you a PM with a list of good dvd retailers also didnt techtronics do a few dvd players for nasa space shuttle i seem to remember ???


I bought my Sony 700 from Techtronics and the service was excellent. BUT, nothing has gone wrong with it. It seems that they have no idea how to sort out customer problems which is a shame.

I did have problems with Empire Direct once, they just kept my order on hold despite being out of stock. Everytime I phoned, the amps were coming in tomorrow but never showed up. After 3 weeks I cancelled my order and bought elsewhere. I consider that kind of behavoir to be shameless deception and I know I'm not alone with that lot.

It's a pity really. They could all do with learning from a quality online company like Dabs who must put through thousands of orders a day and yet always try to make sure you are happy.



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I will never buy from these [insult removed by admin - read the rules about what you can and can't say about people!!!!] again either. I think they're fine if they have what you ordered in stock and if you never need to contact them after you've received your player.

I ordered a Panny AE100 projector from them. 2 days later I was told it was "out of stock" and would be available "mid September". They said I could either cancel my order (and therefore be at the back of the queue) or wait. I asked them to specifically confirm that if I waited that my credit card would not be debited until they had stock. They said "We never debit cards until stock is available". Fine, so I waited.

2 days later, I find £1280 debited from my Credit Card. I emailed them immediately to cancel and demand a refund, explaining that I was told they wouldn't debit my card. I received a reply saying "We will action a refund but it may take up to 28 days". I said "No, I want a refund NOW and threatened to speak to Trading Standards". They had the gall to say "We have checked with trading standards and we have 28 days in which to refund your money"...

I then explained to them that this only applied if I had received goods and wanted to return them - and that they had illegally debited my card and I had received no goods. They then said "I will action the refund ASAP". A week later, nothing. So I then tell them that if the refund has not been applied within 3 working days then I would leave it to my credit card company to resolve. They said "Accounts department assure us the refund will be applied before then". Surprise, nothing. So a couple of days after the deadline, I wrote to the credit card company and emailed Techtronics to tell them that I had done so.

Within 48 hours I had my money back. All in all, it took
over 4 weeks to get a simple refund from them.



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I have been in conflict with Techtronics for TEN months, All I wanted from them was to supply me with a dvd player as advertised. IN this time they have failed and broken almost every requirement and standard possible they are supposed to meet by law. Their latest weez is to charge me a 15% restocking fee. IMHO their customer service dept. has a deliberate policy of obstruction. I would dearly love to meet their MD over the table on Working Lunch, except it would take more than half an hour just to list their failings.:mad:

Stuart Wright

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I have decided to let this thread stay for the time being. I would feel happier if everyone making a complaint against Techtronics would put their full name in their signatures. This is purely so people can't make acusations and hide behind anonymous logins.
In addition I hope everyone can substantiate their statements.

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