Meridian M2500


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Any good ? There is little to no info that I can find on the net !

All I have found is the manual on Google and that there is a digital amplified version the D2500 . . .

No contact from BK for nearly a month and no reply to email at the moment regarding my Monolith order.

Just looking at other option and this might be available !

Cheers, Chris


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ha ! Yes, indeed - even left messages with no joy.

After 2 hours of demoing, I have returned home with the Meridian.

It is as mighty as it is subtle and has really opened my ears to bass.

Also, I can not locate where the bass is coming from, so this is a big plus in my book.

I'll get a pic when I can for those interested.



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If BK have acknowledged your order then if you now want to cancel the order you somehow have to make contact with them, there's every chance you'll get a call from them along the lines of "your sub is now ready and we'll deliver..."
I sympathise with you on your situation trying to get through to them, though you may have just been unlucky.

Sorry if i'm stating the bl**ding obvious :).


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It's been annoying for both parties - emails were sent to me, but I had not received any - although I did get the confirmation email and some early correspondance.

All is sorted not thanks to the nice people at BK, thanks for that.

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I've just won something on Ebay I've needed for a long time ! A Radioshack SPL Meter to share with my father.

Few pics of the M2500 :

How long will I keep this one for ? lol !


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The model of sub I have must be a face lift ? As it doesn't have heatsink find protruding out the front as on other M2500 I have seen surfing the web ?

According the the .PDF manual I have, there should be a bypass switch for the cross over, but I only have 80hz, 120hz and flat.

Does anyone think 'flat' is the equivalent to bypass ?

Thanks !

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