Meridian G98


Having been talking about this player last night..... im dying to know more! Correct me if at any point anyone thinks I am wrong. It will output dvi to my new sanyo z2 at a resolution of 720p thus achieving a 1:1 map. Is this going to work for PAL and NTSC?

It will take an svideo input, will it also output it at 720p?

How much play is there with settings? I am used to using the pc and I have fulll control over aspect ratios, input selection, picture settings, separate PAL/NTSC settings, i guess most importantly my precise resolution..... blah blah blah. Does the meridian have the most of these or is it all fixed?

And then it will output via spdif which my meridian 565 will smile nicely at and it will all be dandy?

Have i forgotten anything?

Most importantly, what i currently use is a h3d I based pc in combination with a panasonic rp82 sdi dvd player. What would anyone think of relative performance? I know the meridian will stomp all over the sound, but has anyone any ideas on the picture?

many thanks

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