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Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by chrisgeary, Aug 12, 2004.

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    I am asking this here rather than on hitchhikers in the hope of getting a variety of views, although hitchikers may well end up being the better place to ask this..

    I have a Meridian 561 processor, 505 power amps driving Dynaudio Audience 122 speakers. I am curious as to what people think about Meridian DSP33s or DSP5000s and what they are like in terms of the sonic character compared to reasonably similar analogue counterparts? By that I mean cost-wise on the secondhand market and quality-wise in terms of the components used.

    I guess I'm wondering what 3 DSP33s would be like instead of 3 505s/Audience 122s. I like the Meridian digital philosophy, I love the sound of my 561 but I've never been totally convinced by the amps/speakers side of my kit. In some ways, downsizing to smaller speakers appeals as my SVS will easily handle the low end of things. The digital active architecture also makes sense to me. But how does it sound? Is there somewhere I can borrow a set without obligation to hear for myself? Has anyone here done comparisions with either the 33s or 5000s against an analogue system?

    I realise I am asking a lot of questions and some are rather subjective.



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