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Would it be a worthwhile upgrade for an Arcam CD72 if i was to obtain a meridian 203 DAC or should i save my cash?



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If it were me I would save my pennies dudes, not by much though for £300 – 450 you can buy some very well regarded DACs that are a step up from the 203. Perp Tech P3A, TAG DAC 20, MF A3.24, CAL Labs, Micromega there are loads FWIW Ive read of 2 users with CD72s that have tried DAC I can recall, one tried a 203 funnily enough and liked the 203, another audio user I know had a CD72 and did a A/B comparsion with this system : Sony DVP-NS305 DVD Player / Rotel RDP-980 DAC and kept the DAC and sold the CD72. The Rotel DAC IIRC was £200 off Ebay : front end.JPG

FWIW the chap in question above with the Rotel 980 DAC sure does know his onions in audio terms IMHO.

And he uses a cheapo DVD-V player that apparently cant read the information off a CD properly . :rolleyes:



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Just to frustrate CJ, i would agree with him on this. :D The 203 is too old tech wise to give the sort of improvements you would want. If you can get an MF A3.24 for around £300 though you would be lucky indeed!! The RDP's a good bet at a better price. I would refer to CJ on this, but a DPA bigger bit might also be a more sophisticated bet, but still a little dated.
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