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Here's a wee youtube video about a nice cinema room i was involved in earlier in the year. Old forum user X3ELS is the chap who did it (Elliot Hicks) and i was drafted in to supply the Radiance Pro and do the LUT based calibration and configure the dynamic tone mapping for the projector. It was one of the nicest cinema rooms i've been involved with this year and luckily i didn't need to sign any NDA's for this one so you can all see it!



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Looks amazing. That belle epoque bordello red motif might take some getting used to, but I'm sure it must be utterly immersive. Much change left over from half a mil?


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What was the processor? Saw the Meridian 270 in the rack. Also the in wall speakers might be interesting option for me one day would be interesting to compare to floor standers.



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Would love to see it but get this error; :(
Video unavailable
This video has been removed by the user

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