Meridian 566 DAC


I'm dabbling in the Meridian 500-series second-hand market at the moment (just got a bargain 551 amp) and would be very interested in hearing views (+ve or -ve) on the 566 DAC (20- :) or 24-bit :cool: versions). I'd also be interested in any perceived (or otherwise!) differerences between the two.

If I bought a 566, I look eventually to use it in conjunction with a 518.


P.S. Please state which version you're referring to! :rolleyes:


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OK, excuse the intrusion, but I promised myself that I would use this Easter break to move on my two Meridian CD combos: the 'good' 200 CD transport and its 203 DAC, and the 'very good' 602 CD transport with its 606 DAC.

These still stand as surety while I try out speakers and amps, but I now want to settle with the dealer, and so must either have the above as trade-in or sell on, to the likes of yourself, if interested.

Are you interested?


Not got the cash for more purchases yet, though must confess that I was planning on an all-500 series set-up (mostly for aesthetic reasons). I don't doubt the quality of the 600 series, but I have to decline your offer.

Thanks anyway.


Hello Ditton your inbox is full so I'll just post this PM here for you

I think my CD player might just have died, so I may be interested in either of the two combinations,

Not sure what my budget will be (moving house) and not sure if I've completely given up on mt CD player, but just thought I'd express an interest.

How much will you be looking for?




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Dazed, I have emptied the PM box and sent you a reply.

VirusKiller, thanks for the reply.


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HI ditton, still trying to flog the 200's?:) Please PM me with a current price!

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