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Dear All,

Happy Christmas/New Year and all that.

The kids have had a new Xbox/Kinect for Chjristmas and are loving it. I have setup my GamerTag and Live account with some points and all is well.

A few years ago, I had an old Xbox 360, which again was on Live (now a silver account) with a different GamerTag, email etc. I have stumbled across the login details and have 1500 points on it, as well as a number of games/gamer points.

Basically, I want to merge/transfer the old account points/scores/games to the new account. I have looked on Microsoft sites and have found a way to transfer licensed stuff (I pruseme the games will transfer), but I cant see how to transer everything else. It might not be possible.

Can someone please help or guide me.



Grumpy Boy

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I have called Xbox support to try to sort this out.

I have been informed that I can transfer the licenses to the new console (follow the online tutorial for that).

Unfortunatley, the Microsoft Live points & Gamer points can't be moved. But, I can login to my old account, spends the points, then transfer the licenses across. This is as close as I can get, unless someone can recommend another method?.

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