Mercury ILS102 RF Digital Modulator setup?


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Hi all. I'm having a bit of a headache working out how to install this product and would love some assistance.

Currently, my setup consists of a Virgin TiVo box, with the "Cable" cable plugged into it.

I have purchased this, and intend to split the signal across the rooms.


I am assuming that the first step is to take a Scart from the TiVo into the "TV/VCR in" Scart connector? I also have an input in the wall which takes the connection up to a splitter, however I have no idea which cable to use and from where this needs to go to be connected to this. Or if I'm going down the wrong track completely?

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You re defo up the right track -I have one of these. Connect the TV/VCR socket using an RF (Aerial/Coax) cable to the input in the wall.

Remember the signal seen by the other TV's will be an analogue signal, the channel used being set on the modulator.


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Alright, so I managed to get Virgin through by connecting the Scart, however I can't get signal for my freeview unless I also connect the aerial...which prevents my Scart from being split? Is it possible to get both the aerial and virgin signals through at once?


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