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Morning all,

I seem to be having problems with MePo now I've upgraded from 1.4 to 1.6 (fresh install). Posted on their forums but they usually seem to be way too saturated to get a reply, I was hoping maybe robbo100 or some other MePo nut could help? Post below:

Morning all,

Having trouble with Titan Extended, can't seem to find anything on here. Can you help?

The default Titan skin comes with TV in the middle and a submenu that comes out the side of it for recordings, guide etc.

In my 1.4 setup I configured Titan Extended to do something similar, to show latest media for Moving Pictures and Music in a similar fashion to the submenu for TV.

Now I've upgraded to 1.6 (also tried 1.7, both clean installs) I can't seem to get the same setup. The option for latest media is gone and the submenu isn't as polished, the tile gets replaced with the menu options rather than the submenu sliding out from the side.

Is there a way to get back to the way I had it before, or do I have to revert to 1.4?



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Hi there.

Sorry for the delay, but I only just saw your post.

Unfortunately, I don't use Titan, so I can't help much. I don't think it is a 1.6 issue, maybe just a setup problem.

You might try sending a Private Message ("Start a Conversation") with "ncoH" on the MediaPortal forum, and direct him to your post. He is one of the Titan designers and should be able to help.

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