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found a thread on here for the meos 702b double din unit which was started last year. I've just brought one if anyone want a review of it then let me know. I think it's great!


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Yes Please. I keep stoping my self from getting one as im not sure if its worth it.

Areas i care most is SD Playback. Song Selection, Screen Quality, Reliability


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Sorry for not posting a reply sooner...
I've had this meos touch screen thing for about 2 weeks now. I brought it since I was looking for a double din unit that would take a USB stick so I could play my mp3's in the car. My previous single din JVC thing had an aux input in the front but I was sick of my mp3 player sliding around on the seats and the wire dangling about.

So what attracted me to the meos... well its touch screen was a big draw - you can understand why they did this since creating a load of buttons as other units have must be complex to mass produce properly and therefore relatively expensive. If the touch screen technology can be made to work then the volumes would be high enough that the manufactured price would be low and the added value high. The functionality is then only down to a code monkey that you pay once. Anyway, I read many forum threads on these touch screen devices whose theme was basically that it was too good to be true and too cheap. I disagree.

Anyway the unit itself fits nicely into my double din slot and adds alot to the facia's look I think. I have a 1st gen honda insight and it was built for a double din unit and therefore has it's own cage that enables the unit to be bolted in. While this won't stop someone attempting to pinch it, it would make it a bit tricky.

The small buttons along the bottom of the screen allow you to select the "navi" option which brings a touch sensitive display that allows you to choose...
radio, navigation, sd card, usb, dvt, dvd, cd, av1 in (from a socket on the front), av2 in (from a socket on the back), blue tooth phone connection, and setup. All these buttons are displays on a .jpg of your choosing so looks pretty nice. Screen colour seems o.k.

So functionality...

Press the button on the screen and the radio skin "spins" up... what more can I say... it's a radio with fm1-3 station presets, TA, etc etc. big buttons on screen so it's easy to use whilst driving. reception is good.

Press the eject button below the screen and the face slides down and forward - pretty neat - to reveal the cd/dvd slot and the sd card slot. You have to press another eject button to unload the dvd or cd but the unit automatically accepts a new one and then slides the screen back into position. It will then load the skin for the dvd or cd player, whichever is appropriate.
The Cd player controls are the same for all music functions it seems, so whether you music is coming from usb, sd card or cd, you get buttons to move through the media, fast forward, backward etc... you can select any track by "double clicking on it" - tapping the screen twice. Other than that you have pretty much all you would expect from a mp3 player but with no ability to randomise tracks. This could be annoying if the the unit didn't start where it stopped, but it does so you'll get through all your music eventually.
I've not wired the DVD into my handbrake light yet - I guess it won't display what's on the dvd unless it knows your not driving (I could frig it by connecting it to the non permanent 12v supply I guess but I'm not that bothered about watching TV in the car). You can hear it playing though so I guess it must work - oh an I can get glimpse of it!!!

SD card;
As already mentioned this is the same as the CD. I have a 32GB sd card in mine now (£15) and this holds most of the music I could listen too - the good thing about this function is that I have brought a usb stick thing that the sd card plugs into to so I can download music from the usb output of my brennan jb7 to the sd card.

All the same applies to this. One thing i didn't mention was that the skin would seem to give you the option to play .wmv's or some other media file, since it has a movie icon on the screen, but I haven't got this to work yet.
I did have some problems with the unit reading the type of device. I have an old mp3 player (generic type) that it wouldn't see any tracks stored on it. A USB stick works o.k. but I have not yet tried it with my wife's Sony Walkman. It might just be that it cannot cope with any kind of file structure...?

This connects to my samsung f210 phone o.k. via the bluetooth connection. It will read my contacts - although only if they are stored in the phone not the SIM card (again I think this is a problem with the phone). To dial out, the buttons are big on the screen again so makes finding them easy. The bluetooth function also allows me to push music to the unit and play it over the car speakers.
The handsfree microphone apparently sounds like your in a tin can but this could be easily replaced with a more expensive type. I will do this in the near future as the cable length is no where near long enough for me to route it through the dash and into a position which is not obtrusive.

I don't like these so haven't got one so don't need to try it! Itunes stinks.

Setup functions
In the Navi screen there is a setup option. This allows you to set the default sound level, the equilizer settings (presets for pop, rock etc). You can also set the background image from 1 of 10 in the unit (lanscapes mostly) although you can add then from the SD card I imagine. I have not tried it but there is a button called "add". You can also adjust the time delay for the screen saver or turn it off completely. The screen saver is just a slide show of the aforementioned landscapes and quite distracting. There is a delete button so you can remove them but they have an annoying habit of coming back! You cannot set the screen to turn off after time... this is much more of a problem than it sounds at first...

Screen quality is good. Personally I would say that if you want to watch a film then do it in your living room. It is what it is. A 7" screen. It's not like your at the cinema. I am old enough to remember black and white tv's though so my expectation is perhaps a little lower than most.

...So far so good. Music anyway you want it with a bit of video on the side!

The downside, and this could be pretty major depending on your usage...
The screen has a tendency to get warm. This then stops the touch screen part from working. I commute to work over about 30mins or so and it was not something I noticed at first. A 2 hour car journey found me wanting to switch from the sd card to the radio about 90mins in and I just couldn't. I don;t yet know how long it took to get to this point - clearly sometime between 30 and 90 mins. By pressing the off button quickly this shut down all the options in order leaving the radio going but it was far from ideal. It was not a hot day and the air con was on. At the end of my journey, having allowed it time to cool down a bit, everything was fine again. This is where it would have been useful for the screen to turn off, or at least dim the backlight. Seems like an easy fix to me... just kick the code monkey some more.

Anyway I'm still pretty impressed with it at the price. I've got hands free, 32GB storage, radio and usb and a thunderbird's Cd player all for £220.

hope this helps with your decision... (you never know meos might read this and upgrade the software)


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Thanks For this.

How far does the screen open out when loading a DVD? I have limited room in front of my stick.

Also any issues with boot times??


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No boot time are o.k.
The screen slides to full horizontal at the bottom of the unit. so comes out about 7 inches I guess.


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just got one. 2 things.
i get a clicking coming from speakers when off and no key in ignition.

how do you get the radio to play when map is on screen. i can get it the other way round with the voice interrupting the radio


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got it.
keep the naiv/menu button held/pressed when in radio.

still have clicking

Hi Giley, have you solved this yet ? i've just installed mine this evening , thought i'd got it sussed, turned off the ignition and found that noise.......:( any surgestion would be great

Dawn :thumbsup:


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Any chance some owners could put up some photos of the menus etc? I've read some of their marketing docs, but none of them show screenshots of the thing in use.

What's the sensitivity of the touchscreen like?

dawn - I'd check you have all the power cables correctly connected for your car, not all manufacturers adhere to the ISO standard for it. I can't recall off the top of my head which cables you may need to swap, there's probably something in their install guide about it?


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how u guys doin . is it possible from anyone of u to take a picture or just tell me how could i connect the cables to this unit and email it to me. cause i forgot to pull out an iso connector when i was selling my car and now im stuck with the stereo without being able to conect it . so please email me at [email protected]


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I have inherited on of these meos units and the only thing that's working is the radio. I have "no signal on the sat nav and no bluetooth comnection -any ideas anyone? It's in a Merc ML and has the Harmon Kardon upgraded speakers....

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