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hi all,

i bought an HD sampler (saltwater aquarium) just to appease the missus when she asked my i spent £120 on ANOTHER dvd player.

However, the menu system on the disk doesn't work. i can't access any of them and can only play from the beginning (which is crap)

Its a dual format dvd and the menu system works in the SD drive on the 360 so i know what i should be able to do but its just not happeneing on HD.

Anyone else have simillar problems or is it just a dodgy disk??




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i know you want an answer, which i don't have sorry:(

but what does this dvd look like in hd


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well its quite cool to see the sd and hd dvd versions back to back.

the hd looks fab - well the menu film is but the only bit of aquarium visuals i can play is a close up of a dimly lit fish - hence me wanting to acess the other aquariums!!

looks v promising though - just wish the menu system worked!

please help me someone!!


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