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Feb 27, 2006
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Here it is! After some persuading and a windfall, I got a decent system to go with my TV. It is:

Panny 37pv500
Onkyo 674e
Mordaunt Short Premier Plus
Philips DVP-5960
Xbox 360
My PC (x2 4200 etc, etc)
Genus DVB add-on

all in an Ikea Benno!



Two things:

Yes, that is speaker wire that I need to fit to one of my speakers. It is still using wire from my old all in one!

Yes, that is Ready, Steady, Cook!

Overall, the picture quality is fantastic and the sound just great. The whole flat shakes in bassy films etc. The music performance is also superb!
I have friends in quite a few different countries who hav emigrated etc, so its for talking to them!
Looks great!
Whats the DVB thingy????

Oops, meant digital radio. Am spaced on painkillers after falling off my bike and needing 14 stitches in my shoulder! The onkyo is great. However it is my first home cinema reciever, so I may not be the best judge!

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