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Mens room

Discussion in 'TV Show Forum' started by clever dicky, May 20, 2005.

  1. clever dicky

    clever dicky

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    Am I the only one who has patiently waited and watched this new exciting 'tech' program only to be so disappointed after a couple of screenings.
    Not normally one to criticise anyone's efforts, especially not on a tv show, there's always plenty of adverts to watch.
    But Christ, what a waste of good video tape.

    First, despite being called men's room, it tries to lure the attentions (of women?) from the 'advertised' content to the unshaven presenter/ chippy bloke desperate to sound convincing. Then for the men who watch, there's the occasional glimpse (more chat) at someone's completed home cinema and another quick glimpse at some "shiny bits". Christ a five minute home video of inside Currys would be more promising.

    But instead the directors feel we really need to see lots of camera effects by zooming in and out so far and so fast on this blokes stubble and close ups of cutting wood. Aren't there enough badly made, dodgy DIY, do up your house with wood-chip type programs already. Seems to be lots of varying action poses and dodgy camera angles but NO techie bits. This was evident last night when the two lads who've sold their souls to Ocean finance, have dragged in their girlfriend (dumb blonde) to give her approval to the DIY and miles of wiring.

    What a shame. I was expecting a video version of 'What Hi-fi/ dvd/plasma. But instead a DIY take on 'Pimp my flat'. Next weeks episode will feature a new, built in smelly sock holder, and a pop-up urinal.

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