Men and Motors????????


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Whats going on

Wanted to watch the Rally at 7pm tonight and ITV4 had hijacked the chanel with bloody football

Whats going on?

Indiana Jones

I thought M&M was becoming ITV4? so when the new one started up the other would come off?


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This is what its says on the ITV4 home page:

"Launches on 1st November on Freeview 30 and NTL 15/122. Sky and Telewest viewers can watch ITV4's launch night on Men & Motors (Sky channel 136, Telewest channel 286). "


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According to Digital Spy (

"As a last-minute measure, ITV4 will replace Men & Motors on EPG 136 for Tuesday night only before formally launching on EPG 120 next Monday.

In the meantime, Sky viewers will still be able to view ITV4 by adding the channel manually. To do so, press services, then 4 (system setup) and 4 (add channels). Enter the frequency 10.758, a polarisation of V, a symbol rate of 22.0 (use the left/right arrow buttons) and an FEC of 5/6, then select 'Find channels'. From the list that appears, select 10072 and press the yellow button, then select to store. The channel will now be accessible via services, then the 'Other Channels' menu."


Basically put Men & Motors will eventually be rebranded ITV4...just in the same way Granada Plus became ITV3....Obviously some programming will be lost...and others bought in....they will run side side for some time....but eventually, I suspect, Men & Motors will disappear
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