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can someone explain why everyone is buying the fastest flash cards they can get?,if cameras can only write to the cards at let's say 6mbs what is the point of cards like the extreme that write at 9mbs and read at 10 mbs,are we not just paying for a faster card that is not needed?
or are the fastest cards wanted so that you can download to a pc quicker.

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You only need the ultra II for cameras like the 350D as it will write at 6mb/s, you will only see increased speed when you read/write to the pc with the extreme cards.


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The only other thing worth knowing is that these are manufacturer claimed write speeds ;) .

Even with the same claimed speeds some cards out perform others.

There is a comparison on one site for the different makes and how fast they write in I believe the 350D. I cant remember the link at the moment but I am sure someone has it :smashin: .



I assume to that the card might be considered future proof if you upgrade to a newer faster more expensive camera. I dont know anybodywho throws away an old cardjust because they gota new camera.


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Given how cheap they are online it doesnt really make sense not to get the fastest available "just in case"

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