Memory card for sony camcorder!


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Hello I have bought my daughter a Sony camcorder for Christmas. Its a Sony HDR-CX 115e. It uses memory cards, does anybody know the biggest SD or SDHC card it will take please? (it may well be in the manual it came with........thing is its all wrapped up! and not with me at the moment!
If anybody could tell me Id be grateful! Thanks! As Ill need to order some cards ...a.s.a.p!


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I use 32Gb SDHC Transcend class 6 for My Sony HXR NX5 but class 2 or 4 would do and i use 16 Gb sandisk in my SD60 Transcend are cheaper than sandisk and i have had no problems with them.
Not sure if there is a size limit on your cam best to google it for the specs.
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