Memory, as big as you can afford?


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I have a few Compact flash cards mainly 5 x 4gb 2 x 8gb and i have just bought a 16gb now my original thinking for this was if your card goes wrong you have only lost 4gb but then got the 7D and 4gb was too small so i bought the 8gb's but in RAW it dosen't take but a few burst's with the 7D and thats used up so i now move onto the 16gb.
So my question is do you buy the biggest you can afford or do you have smaller capacity cards but more of them? obviously this goes for SD card as well:rolleyes:


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This is really going to be personal opinion on what to go for, all my cameras have 16GB cards with smaller ones as back ups. Similarly I find the cameras eat through the memory extremely quickly and prefer not having to swap frequently plus I've not lost any pictures on SD or CF. (smartmedia is a different story but it was a rubbish format)


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I agree with John, you used to see advice about using 2x 4gb cards rather than two 8gb cards but files are so big now and many DSLR's now take movies that it depends on which camera you have and how you use it.

I've never had a CF card corrupt but it can happen so I wouldn't advise only having say one 64GB card.

I use fast 32GB and 16GB cards with an old 8GB in case of an emergency (and it would have to be as it's crap:laugh:). Also, make sure the card is the right speed for your type of photography.

I think the key thing is, how many shots are you likely to take in a session or before you can offload them and add a bit for contingency- that will give you the capacity of the card you need and then carry a back up of same size or slightly smaller.

For a 7D I wouldn't go below 16GB but that's based on what I do so that's not to say 16GB with 8GB back up isn't right for you


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I don't shoot that much so I have a Class 10 8GB for everyday use and empty it regularly. The battery will probably have ran out before I fill the 8GB with RAWs so it works well for me.

I also have a cheap Class 4 16GB as a backup, in case I go on holiday or something.


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i dont like the idea of having one huge card just in case it fails. So i stick with several 8gig cards which gives me around 300 raw's on each with my D300.


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I currently manage with 4 x 4GB cards on a 7D... although I would like some bigger ones esp. for video. 8-16 is the sweet spot atm for value IMO. I just wish eye-fi would make a proper wifi capable CF card.


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While I understand the multiple cards mean not putting all of your eggs into one basket arguement I'd have thought swaping cards increases the chance of losing your photos too. There is always the chance of damaging/droping/losing the card when taking it out.

I'd have thought taking a card out and putting it down while putting the new one in and walking away forgeting to pick it up is just as likely as having a card failure.

For me having a card that allows a full days shooting is the best combination of risk and convinence not that I think there is any right or wrong answer to this question.

I wouldn't want to put an entire holiday onto one card though if possible. If I were buying now (and I just did actually) I'd buy 16gb's if you are going to be shooting raw or video with a high megapixel sensor like the current generation of most dslrs.
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Pretty much agree with the above - wouldn't want to lose an entire trip's worth of photos if they were all on the one card, but at the same time, I can see the argument that swapping cards more regularly could lead to higher risk of damage / loss... however, since I'm only using a 40D, 4 x 4Gb cards are plenty for me to shoot in RAW.

If away on a trip, having a laptop / netbook / some other form of storage to use as backup would definitely seem to be the way to go :smashin:

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I'm pretty sure the Ancients were having this discussion when cards were measured in MB's and not GB's.
Then again when they went from 1 GB's to 2 GB's and up and up.

Wake me up when they reach 1TB and I'll copy and paste the above into that post :D

As mentioned, take a laptop on any trip you take and copy the day's images to it everyday.
Then copy those files to an external HDD.

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