Memories of Murder -Bong Joon Ho


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I agree! As much as I adore Parasite... I actually think that MoM is the superior film and is the one I am eagerly awaiting a decent blu-ray release to replace my Korean Region 3 DVD.

I heard a rumour that Criterion is about to get their mits on this but failing that, at least Artificial Eye should hopefully provide a decent disc release.


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I saw this at the Picturehouse Central yesterday as it currently on re-release in cinemas (as well as on demand on Curzon Home Cinema). Curzon have said this will definitely be getting a Blu-ray release but they haven't announced when this will be yet.

As for the Criterion release - it's not a rumour as they announced earlier this year that they would be releasing it (well, in the US at least). Again, no release date confirmed as yet.

Such a great film by the way (I also saw it when it was released in UK cinemas in 2004).


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Oh, I’m sold! I’m a fan of Korean cinema. Pity that’s there’s still no news of release of the film Extreme Job on anything other than an R3 DVD/R A blu-ray.


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UK release confirmed for release on 23rd November 2020
Can be pre-ordered now.

Amazon: Memories of Murder / Barking Dogs Never Bite [Blu-ray] [2020]

HMV: Memories of Murder/Barking Dogs Never Bite | Blu-ray | Free shipping over £20 | HMV Store

Zavvi: Memories of Murder / Barking Dogs Never Bite

Zoom: Memories of Murder/Barking Dogs Never Bite [Blu-ray]

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My copy arrived from Amazon today. I'm looking forward to watching both discs at some point, once an annoying eye problem that I have is sorted. Right now, sub-titles would be a bit of a challenge -- grrrr.

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